Good Talk with Cristy

Improved Health 

How can Ballroom Dance improve your health? Well, like exorcise you are working your muscles. It is said that people should exercise somewhere between 1 ½ hours of vigorous physical activity – 2 ½ hours of moderate physical activity. Now, I know exercise can be mundane to some folk, but they still want to get some form of physical activity. Ballroom is a wonderfully fun way of getting that physical activity/exercise in if going to the gym is so five minutes ago. When we dance, we are getting our cardiovascular system to really work out. This system has one of the most important muscles in our body, the heart! Along with the circulatory system. When we work out with cardio exercises we get our blood pumping and our heart rate rises as we expel more carbon dioxide and breathe in more oxygen.

Ballroom Dance has a similar effect on us like cardio exercising does. Our blood flows through the heart, which is pumping more oxygen through the body. As we are exercising our hearts while we Ballroom Dance, we are also exercising our entire bodies. How you may wonder? While dancing every part of you, by that I mean you’re moving your legs, your arms, feet, torso, back, your entire body. Though as we dance, our movements help tone our body. We burn calories and our muscles get toned, the more we dance. Just like in any work out, it depends on what muscle groups you’re working on. Luckily, Ballroom Dance can work your all your muscles. Aside from getting a fun work out experience, Ballroom is also good for increasing flexibly, strength, as well as balance.

When learning to dance, it is important that we get our steps down and gain balance in the process. There are many people who may be “clumsy” in their everyday life, but are the most balanced and graceful while dancing. Balance will also help with the flexibility and strength. All of which, helps improve our heath. So, stayed tuned to next time. Happy Dancing!