Paso Doble

The Paso Doble (or pasodoble), in its classical form dates back many centuries ago and was originally intended for use at bullfights when a matador was victorious in the arena. The music adapted itself so beautifully to the dance that the villagers danced to the exciting, lively music for hours on end.

Americans first viewed the Paso Doble when flamenco dancers used this music to dance the role of a bullfighter. It has been a favorite (in its ballroom version) since the 1930s. In the ballroom version of the Paso Doble, the gentleman usually portrays the bullfighter and the lady is his cape, although there are times when a very strong aggressive action in certain movements seems to suggest the actions of the bull.

The Paso Doble moves around the floor and is characterized by sharp movements. A most helpful aid in acquiring the proper feeling is to visualize the pageantry of the matadors, as they make their grand entry into the bull ring and feel the attitude that is displayed during the fight.


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