Dancing With Our Stars

Bardonia - dancing with our starsFred Astaire of Bardonia is very active in training students selected by charity organizations in the community that are planning to hold fundraisers modeled after the popular ABC-TV dance program, Dancing With The Stars.

Please join us on Sunday night, Oct. 4, at the Colonial Inn in Norwood, N.J., for Dancing With Our Stars. The event begins at 5 p.m.

Some of the charity fundraisers we take part in are annual black tie events with sit down dinners and entertainment. Training the dancers for these charity events benefits both the charity and the Bardonia studio. The charity has an opportunity to fundraise in an entertaining way, and Bardonia studio profits by gaining more awareness of what the studio offers to the community.

Contact us for ticket information. Your support of our dancers and teachers is very important to them and to this charity affair. See you there