David Moberg – Front Office

David Moberg has found himself in and out of performance spaces most his life. Originally from Saint Paul, MN, he spent most of his schooling experience in and around the stage first as an actor, then a setbuilder, before spending most of the past decades as a stage manager! He moved to Boston in 2018, and has remained here since.

Other than his apparent and unfortunate love for spreadsheets, David personally and professionally is at his best when being a facilitator of the arts. He has acted as a stage manager and producer for Harvard theater for the past half decade, including The East Side, West Side Story, Twisted, and Harvard ASAP’s 2021 production of Legally Blonde.  He has also worked on innumerable amateur, fringe, and semiprofessional productions, including at Steppingstone and Children’s Theater in Minnesota.

Professionally, David has experience in legal aid, city government, energy policy, nonprofit work, and everything in between! He finds himself at his best, professionally speaking, when he is able to act as a facilitator of those he gets to work with, helping to express themselves in their disciplines of choice.