Heat Up Your Valentines Day (or night)

January 29, 2018

On Valentines Day, Ballroom Dancing makes an extra special date for that extra special someone.

Valentines Day Romance, Ballroom Dancing Togther Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me. You’re probably still looking for something romantic to do with your significant other. If you’re tired of the old stand by of a swanky dinner or a movie. Try something new this year to get the sparks flying. Ballroom dancing is the perfect mix of sexy, romance and fun. Plus you both get to burn some of those fancy truffle covered calories off.


The Rumba

The Rumba

The Rumba is definitely the most romantic of the ballroom dances. Cuddle up close with a slow dance to a sexy latin beat and you’ll both be on fire in no time. Basically what you would hear as a slow love song is what you would dance the Rumba to. On your dance lesson your teacher will show you some steps and then turn up the music for you both to dance together. No worries about not feeling confident enough to go it alone. With your Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructor right there, you’ll be into it in no time.

The Salsa

The Salsa

Another sexy latin dance is the Salsa. However, this dance will be a bit faster paced, (more of a club dance). But speed does not hinder the Salsa’s ability to drive the sex appeal. The moves and turns in the Salsa make it one of the leading latin dances in the world. And with a beat like that you can’t help but want to dance. Every woman wants a man to lead her around a dance floor and the Salsa is a great dance to get you going.

The Tango

The Tango

Our sexy ballroom dance list would be totally incomplete without the Tango. If you’ve ever seen Scent of a Woman you know what I mean (who hasn’t seen that Tango scene). You know just how sensual the Tango can be. Two words, SMOKIN’ HOT! The attitude and close body contact of the Tango make it a hands down winner in the sexy department. The Tango embodies masculinity in its essence and no woman can resist that!

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