Dance Lessons

Slide Into Summer in Shape!

May 18, 2016

The official start of beach season is not far off. The Memorial Day weekend begins May 28 and that is when you’ll need to slip into your swimsuit for revelry at the beach and pool parties. The big (so to speak) question: Will you fit in your swimsuit? You know how it gets over the […]

The Overall Benefits of Dance

April 15, 2016

You’re stressed, a little frazzled, and you want to be in better shape. But you’re not really the type that has a hobby to take your mind off daily issues and you’re not a gym rat or interested in sports. What to do? Hey, you’ve already come to the right place. Check out Fred Astaire Dance […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wedding Dance Lessons

April 1, 2016

                  As the flowers begin to bloom and warm air is a frequent friend, the start of wedding season is right around the corner! If you are a bride or groom considering professional dance classes to prep for the big day, let us give you a few […]

A Letter to the President

October 29, 2015

Dear Mr. Rothweiler, My wife and I recently did our first spotlight dance.  Never in thirty years of marriage did we ever think we could dance, let alone be confident and proficient enough to do so for an audience.  It was truly a benchmark moment in our lives. My wife and I have always been […]

Would You Compete With Someone You Have Never Met?

October 19, 2015

It was a Wednesday in July at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas when Ted Postolachi first met his dance partners for the Fred Astaire World Championships.  Ted, a teacher for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Bardonia, was set to dance with Anna Tabolina and Ashley Michelle Jones, both of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boca […]

FADS Middletown Shares their Pride in One of their Youngest Students!

July 8, 2015

The staff of the FADS Middletown, CT studio share their pride in one of their youngest stars, nine-year-old Aidan Boutin. Aidan and his twin sister, Abigail, began dancing tap and ballet when they were just 3. When he was about 6, though, Aidan told his mother he wanted to spin the girls like they do on Dancing […]

The Transformative Power of Dance Helped this FADS Student Step into the Spotlight!

July 1, 2015

Meet Terry, a Fred Astaire Dance Studios student we feel so lucky to have! Five months ago, Terry came to a Practice Party at FADS Buffalo, NY studio with her husband, Tim. But they didn’t dance a step — oh, no! Instead, they watched the party from the “safe” lounge area, conversing with our students and […]

Dance, As the Fountain of Youth and a Source of Pure Joy

May 5, 2015

Mary walks through falling snow, up the sidewalk through the front door of the FADS Corporate Office in Longmeadow, MA. Other than her Dance Instructor’s careful palm on her elbow, she’s unassisted. She is 88 years old. Mary’s visiting Corporate today, eager to see Jack Rothweiler (Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ President & CEO) who enrolled her in […]

When We Meet Again, We Will Dance…

January 14, 2015

Edwin Robbins, a 23-year student at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio on Manhattan’s East Side, shares, in his own words, how his two left feet danced him to a lifelong love story. “My prom date told me after three box steps that I had no rhythm. Then the Navy excused me from marching. During my tour […]

9 Benefits You Can Experience Once You Start Dancing

November 18, 2014

  Whether you flaunt your every move on the dance floor or sway to your favorite songs in the car, dance is an activity that everybody enjoys, in one way or another. Luckily, dancing is something that will not only bring a smile to your face but can help improve your physical and mental health. […]