Nine Reasons Why a Fred Astaire Dance Studios Gift Package Makes the Perfect Gift

If you’re scratching your head over what to give your spouse or significant other for their birthday, a special milestone, a holiday or your anniversary, we humbly suggest you consider ballroom dance lessons! Why? Because when you give the gift of a Fred Astaire Dance Studios Gift Package, you’re giving much more than dance lessons – you’re giving the gifts of joy, health, confidence, music, “connectedness”… and fun!

The gift card industry is large and growing, with sales projected to total over $160 billion in 2018. And there are lots of reasons why… they are easy to purchase and ship; they’re convenient to shop for (with more and more stores offering gift card kiosks with offerings from hundreds of stores, websites and payment processing companies); and because there are so many choices it’s easy to find one that matches the gift recipient’s likes and lifestyle preferences.

Some may counter that buying a gift card is impersonal, but happily that is never the case when you choose to purchase a Fred Astaire Dance Studios Gift Package! Why? Because when you give your spouse or significant other the gift of ballroom dance lessons together, you are opening the door to a dance adventure that will enhance both your lives! Everyone has their own reason for starting ballroom dance – and once they do, they discover there are so many benefits of dance – including physical, psychological and social factors.  So check out our list of the top reasons to give the gift of dance, for any occasion. Then, contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and we’ll help you select your perfect Dance Lesson Gift Certificate.

Nine Reasons Why a Ballroom Dance Lesson Gift Package is the Perfect Gift

  1. It’s Easy and Convenient – No need to scurry from store to store, or find just the right size or color. Simply contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and they’ll take care of the rest! And when it’s time to redeem the Gift Package, your spouse can select just the dance(s) he or she has always wanted to learn – with you!
  2. It’s Affordable – A Fred Astaire Dance Studios Gift Package lets you pick a gift that’s timeless, elegant and personal, and priced just right. Fred Astaire Dance Studios has been teaching ballroom dance since our co-founder and namesake – Mr. Fred Astaire himself – first created our proprietary dance curriculum in 1947, that teaches the way people learn… so you pick-up more, faster, and you can retain it more easily. Our instructors are highly trained, outgoing, friendly and FUN! And our introductory offers for new dance students ensure you’ll get a great deal.
  3. It’s Healthy – Ballroom dance lessons are a great form of exercise! They help with muscle tone, flexibility, cardio-vascular strength, and balance. They’re a great way to help bring people “out of their shell” and find new confidence and inspiration. And there’s a growing body of evidence that ballroom dance is one of the best activities to help stave off the aging process, and aids memory retention.
  4. It’s Romantic, and Says “I Want to Spend Time with You” – How many gifts involve you – the gift-giver – long after the gift is given? With a Fred Astaire Dance Studios Gift Package, you’re telling your spouse or significant other just how important they are to you, because part of your gift is taking time for them to enjoy this special present – with you.
  5. It’s a Date Night, Wrapped as a Gift, Where the Two of You are Focused Solely on Each Other! – A Fred Astaire Gift Package is not only a gift of time together, but time during which you’ll dance, laugh, and enjoy spending it in each other’s arms as you learn a new activity. Compare that to a movie, concert, or performance where you’re together for hours, but not in a way that allows you to engage, interact or even gaze at each other. Ballroom dance lessons can facilitate a connection and open communication between partners, to enhance and rejuvenate relationships.
  6. It Will Spur More (& More Fun!) Date Nights – As you Put Your New Dance Skills to Use! From school dances and wedding receptions to company events, we’ve all experienced that awkward feeling at social events that involve dancing. But after just a few ballroom dance lessons at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you’ll be looking forward to invitations where you can put your newfound social dancing skills to use – and seeking out social events where dancing is part of the evening’s fun. Even those consummate “wall flowers” find new joy in confidently stepping out on the dance floor together. It’s a great ice breaker, and instantly increases your social stature and “people appeal”.
  7. It’s a Gift You’ll Both Love – Now, and Forever – The joy of confident dancing is a feeling you’ll experience from the very first time you step into your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio for a ballroom lesson. That freedom to “dance like no one’s watching” (because they’re really not) is so liberating and confidence-inspiring, and can give you and your partner the ability to creatively express yourselves, together! That feeling, along with the steps you learn in lessons, will become part of the “new you” and can positively impact your social time spent together.
  8. It’s Suitable For Any Stage in a Relationship – Time and time again, we hear comments like, “ballroom dance lessons really stepped up my social life”, “dancing gives us something fun to do on date nights, that’s just for us”, “taking lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is bringing us closer together, and helping us fall in love all over again.” That’s because learning to dance together with your significant other or spouse is a perfect activity, no matter where you are in your relationship. Our idea of a perfect date night? Ballroom dance lessons followed by your choice of an evening at a dance club, a dance performance, a dance movie – or an intimate dinner, or cocktails together. Once you start, you’ll find yourselves loving to practice your dance steps in many situations, and seeking out new places to dance!
  9. It’s Unexpected & Memorable… But in a Good Way (Not Like the Dreaded Fruitcake) – Unlike that holiday fruit cake, another scarf, or yet another item to dust on the mantel, dance lessons will surprise and delight your spouse or significant other, and will likely be a gift they talk about with their friends and acquaintances. That’s because they’ll be enjoying it so much, they’ll want to share. And those who know them will begin seeing the change in them, and want to know more about what they’re doing.

Have questions? Contact us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, and learn more about our gift package options and special introductory offers for new students. We look forward to seeing both of you on the dance floor!