Alain Maslova – Dance Instructor

About me
Awards, titles, academic titles and degrees:
* Three-time European Champion in artistic and ballroom dance 2013
* Two-time European Champion in Artistic Dance Moscow 2013
* Bronze medalist in Sequoia. Moscow 2015
* Certificate from the Sports Dance Federation .Topic “JUDGING CRITERIA” 2014
* National Dance Council of Kazakhstan . Certificate. Topic “European Program (Development of modern choreography)” 2014.
* Letter of thanks from the DDiU 2014.
* National WADF Championship Adjudicator/ Certificate of passing the license for judging on the line of the VADF. Poland 2014
* Two-time World Champion in Artistic Dance(Ballroom choreography)
* Four-time Vice-World Champion in Artistic Dance (Latin American Dance Program competition)
* Bronze medalist of the World Show Championship (ballroom choreography)
* Certificate from the WDC Federation for advanced training in sports (ballroom) dancing at the National Congress of Coaches and Judges from 11.12.2015