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We Paired Our Favorite First Dance Songs & Styles For Your First Wedding Dance

January 31, 2018

We’ve married our favorite weddings songs with their perfect dance style match. Whether you are dreaming of a traditional wedding or a unique celebration to match your personalities, we’ll help you choose the perfect dance for your first spin around the dance floor. Waltz Been dreaming of that fairy-tale wedding entrance with prince charming leading […]

Just Dance

October 13, 2017

I’ve lost count of how many times someone asks me if they need a partner to come into our studio to dance. The quick answer is: NO. Just come in! Get started. Strap on your dance shoes. Whether you’re single and without a partner, or your partner has no interest in dancing, nothing should stop […]

Your First Steps into a Ballroom Dance Studio

July 11, 2016

  Welcome! You’ve taken the plunge and stepped inside our dance studio. Probably, you’ve been greeted by a smiling face at the front desk, asking “How can we make you smile?” That’s our focus. Making you smile. Making you happy. Making sure your life is infused with joy. That’s what happens here at Fred Astaire […]

Human Touch, Eye Contact & Connection

June 20, 2016

In line at a store, we click away on our smart phones, never looking up to lock eyes with another person. In elevators and hallways, we avoid eye contact. In this digital age, we spend more time staring at screens than into the eyes of a living, breathing human. The impact, say researchers, is potentially […]

You Don’t Need a Partner to Learn to Dance

June 6, 2016

There is a woman among our dance students who started dancing shortly after her husband’s sudden death. Seeking to assuage her grief, she stepped foot in our studio and has never looked back. Now, she competes in dance competitions, partnered with her dedicated dance instructor, and has built a community of friends among the dance […]

Why Couples Dance

May 9, 2016

It’s easy to fall in love when you’re young and unencumbered – by big careers or lots of children. It’s easy to find time for one another. It’s easy to carve out couple-time. But that changes as life marches on. You start missing one another, ships passing, running to obligations like soccer games and parent-teacher […]

Ballroom Dance Brings Widows Together at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

February 2, 2016

Ballroom dance truly can make a difference in someone’s life. Take the story of these four women, all widows, who came to dance and ended up staying for the camaraderie and friendship they found here. When Uda Shallop, Barb Stawick, Patty Levinson and Michelle Allen come together for dance lessons, they do a bit of […]

Reason #101 Not to Learn Ballroom

May 4, 2015

Whenever you’re starting something new, there are lots of reasons you can create to avoid doing it. It’s uncomfortable, I know, to be the new person, step into a new place, wonder if you’ll “get it” or make friends or whatever. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. So it’s time to silence the discouraging […]

National Blog Posts

A Simple Guide to the 10 Traditional Dances of Ballroom Dance

April 16, 2018

If you are interested in dance, but don’t know where to begin, then there’s only one place to start: beginner dance classes at one of our Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios. Learning the most widely known dances can make you a star in any social gathering and bring some culture to your life at the […]

How To Tell The Difference Between Popular Types Of Latin Dances

March 15, 2018

Dance is enjoyed all over the world in a variety of forms, many having common roots. This is particularly true of the popular Latin dances. While we often think of them as South American specialties, their histories are more complicated than that. Many derive from African rhythms and patterns that were later adapted in South […]

Where To Take Your Dance Routine For Vacation

March 1, 2018

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio students work diligently to perfect their steps on the dance floor, to master the dances they learn. They come to our parties and our outings, they dance, they meet others who share that passion for dancing. But there’s a big world out there. There’s no reason not to build your […]

6 Ballroom Dances Sure To Turn Up the Heat This Winter

January 15, 2018

Dancing is a great way to reignite the flame with your partner and these six styles of dance are sure to keep you warm this winter! Remember, ballroom dancing is a chance to do a little makeover on yourself. Feeling confident makes you feel more desirable, and frankly, how could you not be with these […]

How Well Do You Know Ballroom Dance Trivia?

September 12, 2017

This Ballroom Dance Trivia quiz was originally published in the Summer, 2014 issue of inSTEP Magazine, FADS’ quarterly publication. To order an inSTEP Magazine subscription (4 quarterly issues, mailed to your home or office), email And check back again soon, for a new page featuring electronic editions of past issues! 1. This early form of […]