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Exercise Can Be Fun

July 17, 2017

Ballroom dancing is elegant. It’s stunning. It’s disciplined and defined and beautiful to watch. It’s fun. And it’s great exercise. Where can you exercise and say that you’re having fun? Let’s face it. We all go to the gym and walk the treadmill, lift weights, pump our legs back and forth on machines. But is […]

Gender Neutral

July 10, 2017

While traditional ballroom dancing involved a man and a woman in partnership, it’s not required that dancing couples be different genders. We’ve had women who are friends sign up as a couple to take lessons. We’ve had same-sex couples come in to learn to dance together. All you need to do is designate one person […]

We Aren’t The Only Ones Who Believe Dance Relieves Stress…

July 9, 2017

We live in stressful times. Traffic, workloads, the endless bombardment digitally of news, advertising and social media can lead to feeling as if we are already behind in our “keep up” world before our day even begins. How do we blow off this stress? The unhealthy ways are eating too much, drinking too much or complaining […]

Dance Is a Social Endeavor

July 3, 2017

When you go to a business networking event, you know you’re going to meet people. Same goes for a conference or cocktail party. Did you know that taking dance lessons is also a great way to network socially? Most people don’t realize this is an extra benefit, when they sign up to learn to dance. […]

Thinking About Home

June 19, 2017

Lada and I recently made a big move from our suburban home to a new house in an historic neighborhood of Detroit. We’re so excited! And, it’s a lot of work. Given the historic nature of our new home, we’ve had to find expert contractors for plaster work, wood work, and more. You’d think it […]

Team Building

April 17, 2017

As much as we build our own team on a daily basis, we also help build other teams. This is a new area we are getting into, and we love it. Companies and nonprofits, large and small, look for ways to build their teams’ camaraderie and collegial success. They go to ropes courses. They take […]

What Stops You?

March 20, 2017

I run into people who say they always wanted to learn how to social dance. I tell them to call our studio, schedule a first lesson, show up, be open and willing to listen to our certified professional instructors, take notes, stay for a group lesson, and come to a party and meet our students. Sometimes […]

Dance Like No One’s Watching

February 27, 2017

Have you seen that meme that says, Dance like nobody’s watching … but take lessons because, face, it, they are? It’s out there. And it makes me laugh every time. That’s the truth you know. You can dance like nobody’s watching, with careless abandon, utter joy and selfless exhilaration – but everybody IS watching. We […]

Born Dancer

January 30, 2017

Fred Astaire himself used to say, Most people think you’re born with the ability to dance. All the great dancers he knew were taught and learned over time, with great practice and patience, how to dance. Real dancers are trained. It’s not an innate quality. You may know how to move to the music more […]

Two Left Feet

January 23, 2017

Ever heard the expression, “I have two left feet – I can’t possibly dance”? It’s said widely as a response when a person faces the prospect of dance lessons doesn’t really want to give it a try. Simple answer – two left feet, I can’t dance. It’s sort of silly, isn’t it? I mean, let’s […]

National Blog Posts

The Importance of Good Technique

May 15, 2018

When it comes to dance, no truer words were spoken than what was said by British poet and dramatist, John Dryden in the 1600’s, “Dancing is the poetry of the foot.” Whether dancing in front of an audience or dancing down a street on a sunny afternoon, the feet write and display the graceful beauty […]

Burning Calories & Feeling Happier With Dance; Just How Much of a Workout Is Ballroom Dancing?

May 1, 2018

“Burn, baby, burn, it’s a disco inferno.” Ah, we remember those lyrics from disco’s heyday. And while disco isn’t the hot, hot, hot thing of the past, all manner of line dances and high-energy dances have taken its place. Dance is, of course, a wonderful form of personal expression and also one that can involve […]

Where To Take Your Dance Routine For Vacation

March 1, 2018

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio students work diligently to perfect their steps on the dance floor, to master the dances they learn. They come to our parties and our outings, they dance, they meet others who share that passion for dancing. But there’s a big world out there. There’s no reason not to build your […]

Singles: Your Online Dating Profile is Live? Read our Tips for What’s Next!

February 2, 2018

Greetings, Dance Fans! Our last blog about the online dating scene was focused on “putting your best foot forward”, and creating your best online dating profile. Now that your online dating profile is live and generating potential matches, let’s move on to responding to those inquiries and going on an actual date! Congratulations! You took […]

Tips For Throwing a Great Holiday Dance Party

December 4, 2017

Holiday parties are a great way to meet and mingle, and enjoy the spirit of the season. And as a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios student, if you choose to host a holiday party, you’ll want it to be a memorable dance party. We salute that as a noble goal, and we’re here to help […]