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Connected in a Disconnect World

January 4, 2016

In our non-physically connected world, ballroom dancing is the perfect way to connect. In our lives today, we’re all on our phones and on social media, talking but not really connecting the way we used to. And the way we NEED to. People just don’t connect anymore. There are people at work in cubicles and […]

Setting Goals

December 28, 2015

It’s that time of year again, time for resolutions! Resolve to be better, do more, live differently. Everyone does it, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be the new year for people at Fred Astaire Dance Studio to set goals. That’s how we work day to day, week to week, year in and year out. […]

Real Men Ballroom Dance

November 30, 2015

Ever heard a man say he doesn’t dance? Most men, when they say they don’t dance, or they can’t dance, the reality is that they’re afraid to dance. But they can’t say that! They cloak their fear in “can’t” or “don’t” to prevent any potential embarrassment. I’m here to rip off the bandage and say, […]

You Don’t Need a Partner to Dance

November 9, 2015

In our studio, we have recent divorcees, widows and widowers, and people never married. You don’t need a partner to dance. Although so many people hesitate to sign up for dance lessons because they don’t have a partner to bring with them, the simple truth is that sometimes the best partner is someone you don’t […]

Everyone Can Dance!

October 19, 2015

When I started this business, I had no idea that one day, we would be welcoming in dancers in wheelchairs, dancers on the Autism spectrum, dancers who had survived cancer. What I’ve learned by creating programs that focus on these populations and more is that dancing is for everyone. There is no boundary to dance! […]

Mediation Through Dance

October 13, 2015

We all know relationships take work. But what does that really mean? When people fall in love and pledge to enter into a long-term lasting relationship, it seems easy. They can’t imagine the challenges they might face down the road. And then they hit a road block where they are frustrated, or tired, or a […]

Why It’s Important to Dance

August 24, 2015

You’re busy. You’re overbooked. You’re tired. You run from here to there, checking things off the to-do list. Do you have time for yourself? Most people don’t nowadays, which is why dance can be an important respite from the craziness of it all. You may never have considered dancing. Many people don’t! But still, it’s […]

We All Learn Differently

May 25, 2015

  Any good teacher knows to learn the nuances and style of every student so they can help them learn in the best way possible. It’s no different with ballroom dance. In fact, it may even be a bit harder because our instructors must learn not only one, but sometimes in the case of couples […]

Goal Setting

May 18, 2015

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills, you don’t simply sign up for a dance lesson. You sign up for a process, a relationship where you will transform into a dancer. Every student in our studio has a binder that maps their progress. Our instructors write down the students’ goals and create a process […]

Real Men Ballroom Dance

April 13, 2015

A husband tells his wife, who really wants to learn to ballroom dance, “Sorry honey, I’m just not interested.” The conversation in his head goes more like this: “If I go, I will make a fool of myself. She’ll be annoyed with me. I won’t be able to catch on and lead her. I’ll step […]

National Blog Posts

Burning Calories & Feeling Happier With Dance; Just How Much of a Workout Is Ballroom Dancing?

May 1, 2018

“Burn, baby, burn, it’s a disco inferno.” Ah, we remember those lyrics from disco’s heyday. And while disco isn’t the hot, hot, hot thing of the past, all manner of line dances and high-energy dances have taken its place. Dance is, of course, a wonderful form of personal expression and also one that can involve […]

Where To Take Your Dance Routine For Vacation

March 1, 2018

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio students work diligently to perfect their steps on the dance floor, to master the dances they learn. They come to our parties and our outings, they dance, they meet others who share that passion for dancing. But there’s a big world out there. There’s no reason not to build your […]

Singles: Your Online Dating Profile is Live? Read our Tips for What’s Next!

February 2, 2018

Greetings, Dance Fans! Our last blog about the online dating scene was focused on “putting your best foot forward”, and creating your best online dating profile. Now that your online dating profile is live and generating potential matches, let’s move on to responding to those inquiries and going on an actual date! Congratulations! You took […]

Tips For Throwing a Great Holiday Dance Party

December 4, 2017

Holiday parties are a great way to meet and mingle, and enjoy the spirit of the season. And as a Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios student, if you choose to host a holiday party, you’ll want it to be a memorable dance party. We salute that as a noble goal, and we’re here to help […]

Singles: Involved in Online Dating? Put Your Best Foot Forward!

October 23, 2017

Add Ballroom Dance to your Repertoire! Internet dating has really changed in recent years. Five to 10 years ago, it was territory only for the bold and the “outliers”, but now it’s become completely socially acceptable. And as our societies become increasingly fast-paced and we’re all challenged to carve out leisure time, more and more […]