Mykhailo Annienkov – Dance Instructor

Mykhailo Annienkov – world champion in ballroom dancing (2013 y. Japan) Champion of the continental cup (2013 Moscow) Champion of Ukraine (2012 Kiev). Master of sports of international class. He started to dance at the age of 6. At the age of 14 he graduated the specialized dance school “Rhythm” and began his pedagogical career. In 2014, Mykhailo finished his studies at the department of choreography of the Rivne State University (RDU) and was awarded the title of Master of Choreography. The second higher education and his Master Degree as a professional instructor Mykhailo received at the International Economic and Humanitarian University (MEGU), at the Department of Physical Education and Rehabilitation in 2016. During his entire dance career Mykhailo was the winner and finalist of hundreds of international dance competitions in countries such as Japan, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine. He has hundreds of Trophies. He performed on behalf of such international federations as IDSF, WDSF, UFST, SGOSTY, TDSF, IDU. Highly professional coach and dancer with experience to teach people, children and people on wheelchairs.