Summer Festival Is Here! Dance Through The Decades All Month!

We kicked off our Summer Festival on June 30th  at our 4th of July party and we’re going to steam right through the month of July with one great event after another.

We’re doing some fabulous themed parties until July 28 and we think you will love joining us on our trip through some of the greatest periods of fabulous music and dance.

The parties (all begin at 7:15 p.m.) are:

Friday, July 7: The Roaring 20’s! We won’t be serving bath-tub gin, but we’ll bring back some great dances like the Charleston!

Friday, July 14: The Rocking 50’s! The jitterbug, the Lindy, these were a big part of the ‘50s as rock and roll exploded onto the scene. The cha-cha became quite popular as well. Bring back some great memories with these fantastic dances!

Friday, July 21: The 70’s Disco Era! Remember the Funky Chicken? The ‘70s were a great time to be out dancing, with the hustle and the bump and that disco ball overhead.

Friday, July 28: America’s Got Talent! Can you compete? Get your best routine together and make it shine! See you on the dance floor.

We promise you, these parties will rock this town! We hope you remember our parties from the previous Summer Festivals. We promise, and we deliver on the promise!

So, get busy preparing your outfits for these parties, and we will work on music, dances, fun activities and prizes! Start working also on your unique TALENT that you will show off during the last party on July 28!

Here are the rules for Summer Festival:

  1. All participants will receive a Passport to travel with and to record points for every dance activity they will do.
  2. All qualified activities and points associated will be explained in passports.
  3. Studio reserves rights to announce and run additional activities and initiatives during the course of the Festival.
  4. Final results of the Festival will be announced at the last party on July 28.
  5. The prizes are:

First Prize: 10 Private Lessons

Second Prize: 5 Private Lessons

Third Prize: Banquet Dinner & Professional Show

*Fourth Prize: 3 Private Lessons

  1. *To claim Fourth Prize a participant has to be physically present at the FESTIVAL final party on Friday, July 28.

6A. For each 10 lessons purchased during FESTIVAL 10 raffle tickets will be given to a participant. All the tickets collected from all participants during the FESTIVAL will go to one big pool of tickets. At the FESTIVAL’s final party the drawing will take place and the lucky winner of the Fourth Prize will be announced.

  1. Envelopes will contain inside from one (1) to three (3) private Lessons.
  2. Envelopes opening will take place at the last party of the Festival, July 28.