4 Reasons Why We Love to Salsa

It’s summer, and summer brings the heat. The same goes for one of our favorite dances – salsa. It’s hot, hot, hot. Salsa continues to grow in popularity because of it’s fast pace and the lively music that accompanies this Caribbean-based dance.

Latin dances build to a crescendo, creating tension and release. That makes salsa a wonderful partner dance, a very social one and one that we love to teach at Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios.

We teach salsa students from beginner to expert, with private instruction and group classes always underway and practice parties scheduled regularly. We recommend salsa highly for several reasons:

1. It’s fun. This lively dance, with Afro-Cuban roots, is passionate and brings the dancers close together. There is a shared joy in executing the sexy and intricate footwork and routines that can reach a nearly feverish peak. It can improve your social life because dancers need a partner and a dancer can have many partners in learning and dancing salsa. Want to meet more new and exciting people? Salsa is one way.

2. Salsa helps get you in shape and keep you in shape. An hour of salsa dancing burns anywhere from 400-500 calories. Wouldn’t you rather dance than be on a treadmill at the gym? We thought so. With exercise like this comes weight loss and better cardio conditioning. Dancing is also a great creative outlet and a mental stimulant.

3. Salsa involves picking up more than a dance. Because of its roots, salsa exposes dancers to Latin American culture and music. It is also a dance that is well-known internationally and can be done anywhere. It may vary stylistically in various locales – New York’s salsa scene historically has had more of a Puerto Rican influence, while Florida’s remains much more anchored in Cuba – but a salsa aficionado can dance anywhere.

4. Salsa opens the door for other dances. Many of those who learn salsa already know the mambo and have a taste for Latin dances. But for those who pick up salsa as an addition to their regular ballroom dance routine may discover further avenues – bachata, merengue, tango, cha-cha – that are equally enticing and enjoyable. Salsa can be your gateway to these fun dances.

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