Freddy Ball 2017

Freddy Ball - Brandon Dance Studio - Feb 2017Even though we like to think of dancing as fun and relaxing, we do get a little competitive now and then.

We enjoy winning! And we enjoy winning at things we’re good at. So we had an especially wonderful time at the Freddy Ball and we came home with some hardware.

Freddy Ball is a regional competition, team match and awards banquet held annually on a Friday-Saturday in early February. This year it was Feb. 3-4 at the Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park. Brandon was Team Blue in the team match and earned several prestigious awards.

How about a hurrah and a huzzah for our winners and nominees:

Kelle Chancellor, owner – Top Female Instructor, 2016 Freddy Award

David Chancellor, owner – Top Male Instructor, 2016 Freddy Award; Most Guests; Most Competition Entries

Laura Ashley, dance instructor – Rookie of the Year

FADS Brandon – Runner-up studio in the Tampa Bay region

Michael and Joanna Kellogg – Top Amateur Competitive Couple

John Swartz – Top Male Competitor

Let’s also have a hand for our worthy nominees:

Barbara Jones; Lisa and Jody Rhoden; Roma Gopico; Mike Celis; Terraell Hazlett; Ali Beach

We had a great time at the Freddy Ball and we hope more of you will want to join us in competition – or as cheerleaders in the seats – at the next one.

We’re proud of our achievements and our achievers, and you should be too!