Friday Night Practice Parties

We would like to invite you to our Friday Night Practice Parties! These parties take place most Friday nights at 7PM for guests. We start off with a warm-up group lesson to introduce the basics of ballroom and social dancing. After a quick break, the Practice Party kicks off at 8PM.

Practice Parties are a wonderful and effective way to work on what you’ve learned in your lessons. Some of our newer students may be intimidated by the thought of a social dance party at first. Maybe you feel apprehensive about dancing in front of others, or you’re just not sure what to expect.

We completely understand, and this is why Practice Parties exist: to help you get comfortable moving on the dance floor in a relaxed, friendly, supportive and FUN environment! Your dance instructor will also be there, and will definitely be checking in with you throughout the evening. Also, remember that parties are a part of your dance program. They are included at no additional charge!

Several of our parties throughout the year are themed, and involve free refreshments! Some of our favorite parties include:

Let Us Entertain You! Live Music Guest Party

FSH Dance-a-thon Fundraiser for Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

Think Pink! for Breast cancer awareness

Sock Hop Sock Drive for Echo Foundation of Brandon

Halloween Costume Party

Astaire Con – Winter Sci-Fi Festival

Ballroom Big Top – Summer Festival 
Check out our schedule of Group Classes and Practice Parties on our Calendar Page. Make sure there is a party happening on the Friday night you want to come in!

Give us a call if you have any questions about our Practice Parties. We’ll see you Friday!