Why Fred Astaire Dance Studios?

A feeling of family, with all of its warmth and unique closeness, is the hallmark of Fred Astaire Dance Studio locations. Clients pick up on that vibe quite readily – many say it is the most noticeable aspect of the studio from the moment they first set foot inside – there’s an atmosphere of conviviality and positivity to go with an energetic feel. No one judges another student at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, so that each can learn at his or her own pace while garnering the support of others.

What drives us is our mission of enriching lives in a number of ways – through physical training, mental and emotional support and by creating social avenues – that is the awesome transformative power of dance. People begin taking dance lessons for many reasons, and one of them is pure enjoyment. When new students discover the many great aspects of ballroom dancing, they return from more lessons, more practice parties and more of that community feeling. Dance is the complete package for improving your life, physical and emotional health…

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