Lets Kick-Off Our Winter Festival With a Bang!

The holiday season is upon us and we’re ready to dive in with our Winter Festival!

This week, Nov. 13 through 17, is Sponsorship Week which means you can start earning points, prizes and helping your instructor win awards! We’ll head into Festival with our Festival Kick-Off Party, Friday, Nov. 17 (costumes not required). The fun continues Sat. Nov. 18, from 7:30-8:30 PM at the studio for a 2-step group class. Did you think that was all? You don’t know us! After the 2-step group class, we’ll head out for a night on the town beginning at 9 p.m. at the Dallas Bull in Tampa! Ask your instructor for details.

There are so many opportunities to get involved in festival, and the best part is: everything you participate in benefits YOU (and your instructor!). For example, take two buddy lessons during sponsorship week and we’ll waive your sponsorship fee!

Festival is our bi-annual celebration to award our students for using our Fred Astaire system of teaching. It is where we create specific goals for the next six months to help you reach your long-term goal.

To get the full experience of our Festival events and show your appreciation for your instructors, we ask students to become a sponsor. Sponsors have the opportunity to receive discounted rates on their next program, a chance to win fantastic prizes, and attend the Festival Parties.

Celebrate the start of the winter season with us and all of your friends at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brandon. Stay busy, and come dance with us, you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun!