National Ballroom Dance Week

As we celebrate National Ballroom Dance Week beginning Sept. 24, we will also be celebrating some of our students. They have showed us through their dedication and grit what commitment and passion for dance truly mean. 

NBDW is about exactly that – increasing awareness of ballroom dancing and all of the good that it can do. So let us introduce a few folks to you.

Meet Terraell Hazlett. She’s a studio member who made a combination of dance and diet a new way of life and changed her life. She has gone from a size 22 in jeans to a size 14. Spectacular! A friend got her started at the Brandon studio in 2016 and she lost 45 pounds. You can read more about her here.

Now let us introduce Bobby Budhram. Bobby has facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSH) and he dances to help with that. His story is very inspiring:

And we’d like to present Joanna Kellogg, cancer survivor and senior.  Joanna is a breast cancer survivor who takes her doctor’s advice – stay active – very seriously. She and her husband take part in many competitions and other studio activities. Bravo, Joanna! Read more about her here.

That’s a great segue for this reminder: Our Go Pink party for breast cancer awareness will be Friday, Oct. 12 at 8pm. For every student who wears pink, we will make a donation to Cakes to Cure for St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation  in honor of student and survivor Jessie Howett.

We also have our Grow Into You Foundation Dance-a-Thon in October, on Friday, Oct. 19. We will have more about that later in the month.

For now, let’s look ahead to National Ballroom Dance Week. Check out those stories of our Brandon studio members and join us as we dance, dance, dance.