Proof That You Can Dance Your Way To Fit

17759857_1449958851740968_6190011711437771434_nDid you know that you could lose anywhere from one to three pounds a week by dancing? It’s great for general conditioning – cardio, flexibility, endurance – and it works wonders for your state of mind as well.

There’s no better place to jumpstart your spring makeover than with us at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brandon. We’ll get you moving and in tune with your body again.

When you lose weight and feel and look better, your outlook on life changes. The two work together for continuous improvement that builds self-esteem.

That’s one reason we are so proud of Terraell Hazlett.  She’s a studio member who made a combination of dance and diet a new way of life and changed her life.

First, look at what her determination achieved. Here are “before” and “after” pictures. She was a size 22 after losing some weight in December and she’s lost even more since then! That’s Terraell looking spectacular in size 14 jeans!

We sat down with her to find out how she managed this weight loss and we want to share it with you:

Q: How did you get started dancing?

A: Just over 10 months ago, my pal Jen, a student of Fred Astaire Dance Studio  of Brandon, invited me to the April 29, 2016 Friday party. I was instantly hooked and signed up for my first introductory lesson, which was scheduled May 9, 2016, and I haven’t stopped since.

Q: What keeps you dancing?

A: So many things keep me dancing!

* Improved coordination/core strength

* Weight loss/muscle mass increases (down more than 45 pounds and shrunk from a size 22/24 down to a 14/16)

* Much more confident in myself and my ability and capabilities as a dancer

* I enjoy the learning process and I feel challenged

* I enjoy the classes, coaching, boot camps and dance parties, along with dance competitions

* I get to learn choreography for two numbers for the Showcase in May

Q: What were you like when you first started taking dance lessons at Fred Astaire of Brandon?

A: I walked into FADS Brandon self-conscious to dance, feeling like I had two left feet, and I desperately needed to find something to get me moving, more active. So grateful I took that first step!

Q: How often do you dance?

A: Almost daily. Each week, I attend four evening group sessions and the Friday dance parties. I also receive one private lesson each week when not prepping for a competition or showcase/event and up to two lessons a week when prepping for a competition or showcase/ event. I also practice dance steps at home and have recently been known to randomly break into dance when the sudden urge hits me.

Q: Away from the dance floor do you do anything else that is included in your fitness?

A: I had been practicing yoga on a sporadic basis the last 20 years and have recently made it more routine again (yay). I also do dance exercises and routines at home.

Q : What tips can you offer others who would like to also become more fit?

A: Learn at your own pace. Attend group classes and as many private lessons as your lifestyle and budget will allow. Allow yourself to feel and look foolish when learning new steps; that feeling of foolishness is often a part of the learning process. You will likely discover that what feels like a foolish move is actually a stylistic or technical movement that will entice your audience and/or make you stand out during a competition/dance numbers.

Q: Anything to avoid?

A:  DON’T compare yourself to other dancers or dance students. Everyone learns at his/her own pace, and we all have varying strengths and weaknesses (i.e., one dancer might be great at styling while another dancer might be more adept at technique). Most of all…HAVE FUN!

Thank you, Terraell, for all of those positive tips. We are so proud of you!

Fred Astaire of Brandon is the place to be for outstanding ballroom dance instruction!  Join our family and you too can see positive changes in your body and your life.