Step In Time

Summer Festival 2019


It’s our favorite time of year – festival time! This year’s theme is “Step In Time” from Mary Poppins!

What is Festival?

Festival is a special time of year where we celebrate our students’ accomplishments and set goals for the future. It’s an exciting few weeks of fun parties, daily participation themes and individual challenges.

There are so many opportunities to get involved in festival, and the best part is: everything you participate in benefits YOU. (and your instructor!)

So what happens first?


This year, EVERYONE who participates in festival is automatically a sponsor!! The sponsor fee is waived! Sponsoring festival means that you partner with us to make this wonderful event happen! You can help your teacher be eligible for our regional festival contest where they can win top teacher awards. Everybody wins when you sponsor!

How else can you get involved and reap rewards?


Basically everything you do to participate in festival will earn you points. This festival, we are calling points “tuppence.” Tuppence can be used for prize drawing tickets and valuable rewards. So be sure to participate in the following activities:

Lessons, Group Classes, Buddy Lessons – Every time you come in to take any type of lesson, you get points! So make sure to call today and get your lessons scheduled ASAP!

Parties – There are only TWO Friday night festival parties this summer – our kickoff party (June 14) and our victory party (June 28), so don’t miss out! Parties will have games and/or prizes, snacks and, of course, dancing!

Guests* – Festival is a perfect time to bring in your friends to try out ballroom dancing! The whole month is full of fun, the studio is decorated, and bringing in guests benefits you and your teacher! Qualified guests* who sign up for the guest special = free lessons for you! See info on qualified guests at the bottom of this blog post. Guests earn you the highest points (tuppence!) by far!

Dress-up/Daily participation – Now is the time to try out all our different group

classes. Come in every chance you get to earn points. Also, check the festival calendar for that day’s theme. Dressing up and participating in that theme will earn you even more points!

Below is the Daily Participation Calendar. A hard copy will be handed out at the studio, so you can be prepared for each day’s dress-up theme!

*Who qualifies as a guest?

Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s guidelines for *Qualified Guests are as follows:

  • Must be 25 years of age or older
  • Must be new to Fred Astaire Dance Studio
  • Must purchase and complete Guest Special (For Festival, the deadline is June 29, 2018)
  • Must live within 25 miles of the studio
  • Couples count as 1 guest

Your job is to ask your friends to come with you. OUR job is to show them how amazing and simple it is to get started. We can team up to share the joy of dance!