Pump up the jam! The Summer Jam, that is.

Summer Jam is coming up, and we can’t wait! Summer Jam is a regional competition for the Tampa Bay FADS region. This event brings together dance-minded folk from all over the area.

Summer Jam is set for Saturday, June 17, at the Yacht Club at Treasure Island. There will be Pro/Am smooth and rhythm competitions, followed by a pro competition between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Those wishing to watch will pay a small spectator fee at the door. Don’t miss it – this is our last regional competition for 2017. And the club is spectacular! http://www.theclubti.com/

The fun doesn’t stop there! The whole month of June is “Festival” at our studio and this years theme is T.V Land.  We have so many fun parties planned and the best part is, you get points for doing what you already do. Every time you take a lesson, attend a group class, bring a guest, attend a party, or participate in that day’s theme, you get points. To learn more and view all of our themed events, click here.

Come on out and join the party at the Yacht Club at Treasure Island for Summer Jam on Saturday, June 17. See you there and don’t forget to take part in Festival all month long!