Ballroom Awards: Tampa Bay Freddy Ball 2019

Tampa Bay Freddy Ball: Ballroom Award WinnersFred Astaire Dance studios of Tampa Bay’s ballroom awards ceremony was a night of competition, celebration and achievement. The Tampa Bay Freddy Ball is known as our “Academy Awards.” Top Teachers – the best of the best – are awarded a “Freddy Award” for their outstanding performances of the past year. Students are also recognized for achieving dance success in several categories.

This one-day event of ballroom awards took place Saturday, April 6 at the Venetian Event Center in Tampa. First of all, students participated in a competition during the day, showing their skills on the dance floor. Manuel Favilla and Natalia Maidiuk, Fred Astaire National Latin Champions, performed a dazzling professional show. Finally, a catered Italian dinner accompanied the ballroom awards ceremony. Winning a Freddy Award is a great accomplishment!

Team Brandon brought home several ballroom awards because we had a strong 2018!

Studio owner David Chancellor won Top Freddy Ball Teacher, Top Male Guest Getter, Top Competitive Male and the Top Teacher 2018 Freddy Award. Studio owner Kelle Chancellor won Top Female Guest Getter and Top Competitive Female. Instructor Sierra Boyea won Rookie of the Year. Team Brandon won Top Studio for Freddy Ball 2019, and runner-up studio for all of 2018.


Team BrandonWhat a wonderful day of dancing we had at the Tampa Bay Freddy Ball! The great thing that sets Fred Astaire Dance Studios apart is that we are one team. As a result, we all work together to share the joy of dance with our communities. Our students enable us to do this job every day. Above all, they deserve all the credit for any ballroom awards we receive.

Congratulations to Michael and Joanna Kellogg, Tampa Bay’s Top Competitive Couple 2018. Also, John Swartz is Tampa Bay’s Top Male Competitor 2018, and Terraell Hazlett is Tampa Bay’s Top Female Competitor 2018!

Thank you to each student for shining bright and trusting us with your dance dreams. Due to your passion, we are motivated day to day to do our very best! Enjoy some photos below. Please share your pictures with us on Facebook:

Finally, look ahead with us to your next dancing goal. There is no limit to what you can achieve.