Dancing for Your Health

It has been well documented that ballroom and latin dancing has numerous physical benefits. It only makes sense when you consider that with all the turning, stepping and maneuvering in ballroom and latin dancing, you would burn a lot of calories in a 45 minute session with your partner. In the past years it has become an attractive work out option for all ages and physical abilities. Ballroom and latin dancing is not typically seen as work first and foremost instead it is more of a form of play, which contributes to the fun and effectiveness. Below you will find 3 of the top benefits you’ll gain from ballroom dancing with a partner.


  1. Flexibility 

Any discussion must start with the benefit of flexibility that is obtained by ballroom and latin dancing. While women, in general, are more flexible than men, both sexes can benefit from the movements required to move gracefully and with ease. When you join a class, you will find that it will likely begin with quite a few stretching exercises just to protect against injury, as well as to prepare your body to be able to do the dance steps with greater ease. Many of the movements require preforming the patterns of dances like the waltz and tango cause dancers to stretch in various directions all simultaneously allowing even the most advanced dancer to continually developed their flexibility.

  1. Strength

Two types of strengths are developed by the use of good technique and regular lessons. First is the core strength needed in order to work in opposition from one’s self and one’s partner. Maintaining balance in off kilter positions creates the need for abdominal band to work over time. The next strength that is gained is the explosive actions of the legs to accelerate stop, spin, dip, and jump. Constant resistance from the floor and the body’s weight develops each dancer’s ability build muscle tone in a short amount of time with out looking bulky. An added strength not often mentioned is one that seniors should be interested in, and that would be bone strength and density. Research now shows a direct correlation between slowing or even stopping osteoporosis and dancing.

  1. Endurance

Endurance is defined by your muscles to be under stress for longer periods of times with out getting fatigued. The intensity that you’re required to put into ballroom as well as latin dancing makes this form of exercise a potent means of building this endurance. Each time you dance with a partner and work on your steps, lifts or twists and turns, you are conditioning your muscles to be able to preform at higher and higher levels with less and less fatigue.