Hip Hop Dance Classes

Introducing Hip Hop Dance Classes at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield. We are excited to be adding Hip Hop Dance to our curriculum! Break out of your normal grind with some fresh hip hop dance moves in our comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. We have two levels, so anyone can join in the fun.


This class will introduce you to the basics of dancing, as well as to the elements of Hip Hop dance. Starting with a mild stretch and dynamic warm up this class gets dancers ready to move. The teacher will move into the core of the class, which focuses on a combination of movements. Followed by a dance routine to the latest hits or Hip Hop classics. This hour-long class makes dancing easy and fun while giving you a great work out makes you want to come back.


Hip Hop dance today is as diverse as the dancers who perform it. This advanced class will introduce dancers to various styles of Hip Hop. Some of the styles are Old School and New School including breaking, locking, popping, house, funk, lyrical and dancehall. The teacher will work along with the students on musicality and technique to develop body strength, stamina, and their individual style. This hour-long class will make you step out of your comfort zone. Get ready to show your personality on the dance floor.


Classes now forming please call today to get the current schedule and to schedule your first visit.  203-775-6588.

hip hop dance lessons

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Brookfield we pride ourselves in offering the utmost in quality and skill from your trusted dance professionals. Each instructor has undergone rigorous training in our Fred Astaire system of teaching. Ballroom dance along with Hip Hop dance and other genres make the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Brookfield, CT your one stop shop for all of your dancing needs.