Learning to Dance, One Guys Journey

What is the biggest factor in Learning to dance for men?

As a guy learning to dance with his wife a Sandy Hook resident shares the most valuable thing any man can do to be a great dancer. Alex and his wife Karen attend lessons at the Brookfield Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Like many couples taking ballroom lessons Alex didn’t always feel as passionate about learning to dance. So what makes the difference for changing how men feel about their lessons? According to Alex it’s looking in the mirror and realizing “this doesn’t look good”. Alex explains part of learning to dance is about small changes at first.

Some of these small changes start with posture and poise, then go to being more expressive. It makes sense, men who stand tall and move with confidence are seen as much more attractive by women. The biggest thing that makes a man look good on the dance floor is his commitment. Its only after a guy decides to commit that his dancing really starts to take off and look good.

By making a commitment early on in learning to dance a man can really optimize his time in the studio.  Like training in any other, sport or discipline when you focus and decide you are going to be your best, you apply yourself much more and make the learning curve much shorter. We at Fred Astaire have found learning to dance and making that commitment is also a great way for men to straighten their relationship with their significant other.  Once making a commitment to your time together you will find your partnership will grow on and off the floor.

Learning to dance in Brookfield Ct
Sandy Hook Couple Learning to Dance