Important Notice

Studio Reopening Plan

Our highest priority is ensuring the health and safety of our Employees and Customers. We are excited to reopen our FADS community and welcome our teams back into the environment that enriches lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially – through the positive transforming power of dance. 


  • We have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the entire studio facility using EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved products for viral pathogens and COVID-19.
  • Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol placed at the following locations: front desk/reception area, ballroom, all restrooms, and any employee breakroom.
  • Disposable gloves and disposable masks on hand for customers who request them.
  • High Touch areas should be cleaned a minimum of 3 Times per day.
  • All employees must wash hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer between each customer, and more frequently as necessary.  avoid touching face, practice good respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing.
  • Change any protective garments on a regular basis and sanitize reusable garments once per day.
  • All employees should wash hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer between each customer, and more frequently as necessary.
  • All customers should wash hands and/or utilize hand sanitizer prior to engaging in services.
  • No food, beverages, treats, mints, giveaways or other open or self-serve stations should be in the studio at any time. For example, no free water, coffee, tea or similar stations or items (including a Keurig) may be provided.
  • Only private, one-on-one lessons and group lessons may occur in the studio, following social distancing practices. No in-person practice parties. No in-studio events or activities, such as showcases, mini-matches, team matches until further notice.
  • No informal events, gatherings, parties or celebrations, such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, certification parties, etc., until further notice.
  • No rental of the studio premises to anyone or any company (including non-profit and religious organizations), until further notice.
  • All dance store sales from the studio’s inventory are currently final and may not be returned for a refund or a store credit. A sign should be posted at the front desk and, if applicable, the studio’s dance store kiosk stating that all items purchased from the studio’s inventory are final. Customers may not use or have access to any changing room or locker room. The customer should arrive dressed in their dancing clothes. Customers may not browse or touch any physical dance apparel inside the studio.
  • Customers should wear a cloth face mask according to the CDC guidelines.
  • Professionals should be at least 6 feet apart, with additional measures taken as necessary to ensure that all people stay 6 feet apart at all times.
  • Any team member who exhibits signs or symptoms of COVID-19 must remain home and self-quarantine for at least 7 days after symptom onset and end quarantine only after being symptom-free for 3 consecutive days without taking any medication.

If you have any questions about our studio preparedness, please contact us!