Sergio Sanchez – Professional Dance Instructor

I started dancing when I was 14 years old and moved on to becoming a professional dance instructor out in Michigan. I just joined the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield family two years ago. In competing, I have achieved awards such as National Champion in Equador and 2nd Place in Spain Open Latin Division. My dance areas of specialty tend to lie in Latin, Ballroom, Rhythm, Smooth, Theatre Arts and Argentine Tango but I am very skilled in all areas and have even worked with individuals in wheelchairs through the Dance Mobility Program. After all, dance is for everybody!

I find inspiration in many things related to my career but the feeling of excitement my students express when they feel the progress they have made, along with the relationships that we build with each one on a daily basis, is the most inspiring.

My piece of advice for you is that dancing is the best way to connect with yourself, so give it your all and enjoy every minute of it.