Dr. Rebecca Rendon – Studio Director

Rebecca, is certified in various types of dance including Ballroom, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Folklorico and Flamenco. Her dance training began when she was only 3 years old and has continued ever since. She toured with a professional Flamenco Dance Company, performing community concerts throughout the United States. Rebecca founded an extremely successful Ballroom Dance Program in Brownsville, TX for students in grades 4th-12th grade, which was implemented for 12 years. During her tenure, the program received local, state, and national recognition. After retiring, Rebecca decided to continue to share her passion for dance by opening a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Brownsville.  Opening this studio has provided a venue for adults and students of all ages to pursue their passion for dance.  Ballroom dance not only allows people to learn a variety of styles, but it allows individuals the opportunity to become more self-confident and become part of a fun and inclusive learning environment.  Rebecca hopes to continue to spread her passion for dance for many years to come!