Lynnsie Allen – Dance Instructor

Hello! My name is Lynnsie Allen and I am an instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Brownsville. I love being able to call Brownsville my home, as it is where I was raised with 5 older siblings. Being the youngest of five was rather chaotic and dance allowed me to express myself to those willing to watch. I have loved dancing from a very early age and I fell in love with the smooth styles of dance, especially the Viennese Waltz, the moment they were taught to me. I find these dances to be so much fun and freeing to anyone who has the opportunity to dance them. I adore the opportunity I was given as an instructor as it allows me to share what I love to do with the community as they are both aspects in my life that I feel very passionate about. I find that a misconception about ballroom dance is that not everyone can do it, but I don’t believe that at all which is what motivates me further in my teachings. I want to prove to those who don’t feel like dance is for everyone wrong and I plan on doing it one student at a time!