Michael Studio – Owner/Training Director

Michael has been a performer / dancer / singer / actor / choreographer for as long as he can remember. He has been in numerous on stage dramatic and musical productions with his love always remaining in the dance areas of Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and now Ballroom. Before coming to the arena of ballroom dance at Fred Astaire 12+ years ago his dance company credits included: 15 years with the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s modern dance company, The Moving Company, (which in 2001 won an international award in dance in Cesena, Italy -of which he danced in), Omaha Modern Dance Collective, Missouri Resident Dance Theatre, the Missouri State Ballet, The Modern Midwest Ballet . He credits his love of dance to the many choreographers he has danced with that have inspired him such as, Josie Metal-Corbin (his most beloved dance mentor), Mary Waugh-Taylor, Vera Lundahl, Dalienne Majors, Marc Hufnagl, Peter Hixon, Valerie Roche, Cliff Kirwin and Paul Chambers, Lauren Kotulak-Bartels and Carol Mezzacappa (New York choreographer who re-staged many works by the modern-dance pioneer Charles Weidman -of which Michael had the honor to dance in two), just to name a few of his favorites. Michael is proud to currently have nine choreographies being performed around the country by various dance organizations as part of their active repertoire.
He feels very lucky to have had the privilege of living a very full life with past entrepreneurial careers as an independent fine dining restaurant owner, caterer, event planner, as well as, currently dabbling in real estate. He prides himself on giving back to the community and has been involved in many arts organizations and non-profit charity organizations serving on various committees and boards of directors for many years. He is a nature advocate and lover of animals, enjoys the outdoors, and greatly values family time. Some of his most fond memories have been of his close-knit family events, boating and waterskiing, and his many arts performance families over the years.

“On With The Dance Of Life” is his quote he honestly lives by every day! He is ecstatic at the opportunity of owning and operating Fred Astaire Burr Ridge, allowing him to enhance the lives of so many others by giving the gift of dance