Choosing Your Ballroom Teacher

Selecting a dance teacher & learning facility can be a challenging experience.  A professional teacher will be one who motivates you & ensures that you can accomplish your desired goals.  Well-trained professionals can make the difference in the success & enjoyment of your lessons.  Below are some questions you should     consider asking before choosing your professional teacher or learning facility.

  • Is the Instructor Certified by a Member Organization* of the National Dance Council of America? Do they have real qualifications or did they just pay money to the NDCA for membership? All of our professional instructors are certified for their teaching & dancing through the Fred Astaire National Dance Board, which is comprised of National & World Champion teachers & dancers.
  • Is the facility suitable with properly installed floors & music system? Flooring without the proper bounce can cause undue stress on both the legs & spinal joints. Not all wood floors are equal! Our Ballroom is built on a raised floating floor for your dancing comfort. Likewise, poor music systems can cause an uncomfortable atmosphere in the ballroom, resulting in the dancer becoming inattentive.
  • Does the Instructor provide you with clear cut cancellation policies, billing procedures, refunds, etc. in writing? To avoid any confusion & to protect your rights, in the State of Ohio, it is important to get this in writing, i.e. a Student Agreement. The State of Ohio mandates through Section 1345 of the Ohio Revised Code that all students be given paperwork showing their rights under Ohio Law. You receive two copies from us.
  • What is the longevity of the student population? More than half of our students have been dancing with us for a minimum of 5 years – with many more having taken lessons continually for over 10 years.
  • Does the teacher seem to “bounce” around? How many different studios has the teacher taught at? Jenny-Lee & Jerry have owned & operated the North Canton Ballroom since 1997.
  • Does the teacher continue to pursue educational opportunities that will elevate their teaching ability – thereby enhancing your dance experience? Just like other Professionals (i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, etc.) we require our instructors to meet annual continuing education credits.
  • If competition ballroom dancing is your goal, does the instructor participate in competitive teaching? All of our Instructors teach Social & Competitive Ballroom Dance. Our teachers are some of the highest ranking competitive instructors in the USA – winning Top Teacher awards in many competitions since 1997.

At the Fred Astaire North Canton Ballroom we offer nothing but the best for our clients.   From our teachers, to our atmosphere, to our dance floor and to the level of instruction you will  receive – we are committed to making you the best dancer possible.