How Dance Can Help You Look & Feel Young Again

There are many ways older adults can stay young, and taking a swing around the dance floor, partner in hand, is one of them. If you are looking for an option to help you embrace youthfulness while learning a new skill, Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help. Our dance classes are designed to challenge and inspire, helping to revitalize your old soul and make you stronger and more mentally focused. Here are some of the improvements you can see when you invest in yourself through dance.

1. Improved Health

While it is definitely a fun, enjoyable activity, dancing is exercise. It will cause you to work up a sweat while you learn dance moves. Dancing improves the strength of your core, legs, and arms. You will get stronger while having fun at the same time.

2. Improved Romance

Dance can help you convey emotion and passion through movement. Once you become skilled at it, you can enjoy better romance with the special someone in your life. Add some pizzazz to your dating life or marriage by embracing ballroom dancing. You’ll feel more confident and more playful on your next night out on the town. 

3. Improved Mental Cognition

Dancing involves music and, often, the music you love. Several studies have shown that aerobic exercise combined with music, which is exactly what dancing gives you, can improve your cognitive ability. In fact, one study in 2017 showed that age-related degeneration improved when people took weekly dance classes. Learning choreography improves the functional connectivity between brain regions. In other words, dancing makes your brain healthier and keeps it youthful.

4. Learning a New Skill

If you have never danced before, then learning ballroom dancing gives you the chance to learn a new skill. This can provide you with a sense of accomplishment as you embrace a new experience. Learning something new challenges and stretches you, and that can make you feel younger.

5. Making New Friends

Dancing is a social activity. Even if you only learn with your spouse or significant other, you will be able to go out and enjoy some dancing. Many dance classes are taught in groups, giving you the chance to learn a new skill alongside others who are also interested. You can make new friends in a safe and supportive environment.

Get Started Learning Dance Today with Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Dance can revitalize you and help you feel younger and more engaged. It’s a challenging, but not impossible, skill to learn. If you are ready to get started, reach out to Fred Astaire Dance Studios to schedule a dance class with our support team. Our dance classes are designed for all ability levels, including new dancers, and you can benefit from both in-person and virtual dance class options.

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