5 Dancing Styles You & Your Romantic Partner Will Love

Martha Graham once said, “The body says what words cannot.” Dance allows your body to express all the things you’ll never be able to put into sentences. So, it should be no surprise that dancing with a romantic partner has many benefits.

Whether it’s a waltz, salsa, or tango, dancing with your partner can build trust, allow you to communicate without speaking, and add a little fun to your relationship.

Let’s look at a few partnership dances you might want to try.


The tango is enjoying a massive resurgence all over the world. It was a staple of the 19th century and remains one of the trendiest styles in the world. There are tango clubs across North America, Europe, and South America, and with Fred Astaire at your side, you can become a part of the movement.

The tango is technically challenging, so if you’ve mastered simpler styles, this is the perfect way to graduate to something a bit more challenging.

The Waltz

The waltz is known as the backbone of ballroom because so many dance styles originate from it. This is a romantic, slow dance that’s perfect for beginners. Despite its simplicity, it’s a beautiful, romantic style with three categories: The Viennese, medium, and slow waltz.

There’s a waltz for almost every music genre, from country and folk to classical and jazz. Triple meter music is still common in jazz, so if you’re a Thelonious Monk fan, the waltz will immerse you in his music. The Viennese waltz is considered by many to be the most complex ballroom style to learn.

The Salsa

Salsa is one of the most sensual dance styles in the Fred Astaire catalog. It takes its inspiration from the Rumba and Cuban Son. It gained popularity in the seventies, and it’s never lost its appeal.

The style is smooth and slow, but it takes more practice than you might think. Even so, many beginners choose to start here. If you’re intimidated, why not start with the Bachata?

The Cha Cha

This high-energy, rhythmic dance has its foundations in the Rumba and Mambo. The first Cha Cha was danced in Latin America, but it quickly spread to North American soil. The USA has influenced its evolution.

This style is for dancers who want a challenge. While it can be danced to a slower beat, it requires sharp moves and staccato rhythms.

The Jive

The Jive emerged in the forties but only gained popularity in the sixties when it joined the competition sphere. It’s a style oozing with joy and energy thanks to its jubilant kicks and flicks.

It requires quick footwork, so it’s not always best for beginners. Still, if you’re fit and have the coordination, it’s a legitimate option to start with, particularly if you use set beginner moves.

Sign Up for Partner Dance Classes

Ballroom dancing is a sociable, fun way to improve your physical skills. In time, it might even turn into a healthy obsession. It’ll increase your muscular strength and improve the condition of your heart and lungs. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun pursuit, so don’t judge yourself too harshly.

In time, you’ll develop the mental function and coordination required to take your skills to the next level. Fred Astaire will ensure your first set of lessons is fun and nonjudgmental. We even offer online classes for those who prefer to learn in the comfort of their home.

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