New Year’s Resolutions for Dancers

2022 is here! You’re likely thinking through the new things you’d like to try and experience this year, so it’s a great time to consider a few New Year’s resolutions that can help you grow as a dancer. And we’ve got great news: Learning to dance is a holistic activity, so these resolutions can be applied to other areas of your life as well.

Do Short Stretching Exercises at a Set Time Every Day

No matter what time you stretch, spending a few minutes stretching will help relieve body soreness, increase your flexibility, and help you renew your focus and relax when combined with light meditation. Replicating a few of the stretches your instructor uses before or after class is a good place to start when setting your routine.

Spend Time With Classmates Outside of the Ballroom

You might not have a lot of time to speak to your classmates while you’re dancing, other than your own dance partner. Once a month, schedule a night after class to eat dinner at a local restaurant or go out to happy hour. Getting to know your classmates outside of class will make your dance lessons even more enjoyable!

Listen to Your Body When It Says, “I Need a Break”

If you feel physically and emotionally exhausted after a rough day or week, make sure that you treat your body well with self-care. See a movie with your partner or with a few classmates. Drink plenty of water. Spend time with your friends or family at a park. Your body will let you know when it’s ready to start tackling your goals again.

Apply Your “Can-Do” Dancing Attitude to Other Areas of Your Life

Since waltz lessons are not a major source of entertainment in our society, everyone starts out “new.” You and your classmates begin a little unsure of what will happen and worried about feeling silly. But once you decide to let go of the fear, you start to feel more confident. That’s one of the amazing gifts of dance lessons! When something comes up this year that makes you nervous, apply the same can-do approach you’ve learned from your dance class to the situation, and see what new and amazing things you accomplish.

Learn To Dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Carmel, IN

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we believe dancing doesn’t just help you physically but also helps your mental and emotional well-being. That’s why we love teaching our students how to dance! Whether you’re learning to dance for your wedding, adding more physical activity to your routine, or hoping to meet others in your area, dance lessons can make this year your most exciting year ever.

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