How To Choose Your First Dance Song

Young couple dancing at their wedding; sparklers and elegant decor surrounding the dance floor.

The first wedding dance creates enough romance to bring magic to the rest of your life. The song you choose will become a permanent part of your marriage.

You’ll remember the feeling of your spouse’s hand in yours every time the track plays on the radio. You’ll play it at anniversary celebrations and recall it on nostalgic days. The first dance symbolizes your new unity, but it’s up to you to make sure you choose symbolism that you value.

Step One: Find Your Rhythm

At Fred Astaire, we know every couple varies in experience, so we build our wedding dance lessons around your abilities. Some couples can manage a complex and flirty salsa, while others feel more comfortable with a slow waltz.

You can’t choose your song until you choose your rhythm, so think of your first dance lesson as a necessary first step for selecting the best music. Once your instructor understands your skills and pace, they’ll be able to help you choose a song that fits your choice of dance.

Don’t force yourselves into a style that doesn’t suit you. It will add discomfort to a day that’s supposed to be meaningful and beautiful. Self-consciousness and nerves will muddy those waters.

Step Two: Consider Something “Out of the Box”

Your personality and the character of your relationship are crucial parts of your first dance track. Some couples are bright and flirty, and some are romantic. The most popular first dance songs are slow duets but don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to your wedding day.

This event should be meaningful for you, so don’t be afraid of choosing something you’ve never seen at a wedding before. It’s far more evocative to mold your first dance song around your unique identity.

Step Three: Consider Your Relationship

The first dance was once a way to introduce a new couple to the community, so the best dances reflect your unique connection with your partner. When you choose a song, consider the mood and values of your romance.

Are you a flighty, fun couple who values humor above seriousness? Or are your passions a little more sentimental? Is your relationship sexy and light like a Beyoncé tune, or is it weighty like an Etta James song?

Selecting the perfect music for your first dance is an emotional choice, so feel your way through it.

Step Four: Be a Rebel

Your first dance needn’t be a classic waltz. First dances can be hip-hop mashups, country line dances, or sexy salsas, so don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Many modern couples even bring their senses of humor into their first dance. Your relationship isn’t a cliché, and your song shouldn’t be either.

Step Five: Choose Your Future

Your first dance song should bring meaning to your commitment as a couple, so choose your song lyrics according to your hopes for the future. Weddings have evolved in their uniqueness. Couples write their own vows, choose their own marriage style, and structure their wedding days to their values.

Your song should thus tell the unique story of the life you hope to build. That’s why Fred Astaire’s wedding program is customized to every couple.

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