How Dance Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Two women stretching in a dance studio.

Throughout history, people have relied on dancing as a form of art, a hobby, a means of exercise, and an array of other things; it is also popular among just about any age group. The act of dancing, in general, is practiced and enjoyed by people of all walks of life. Fred Astaire Dance Studios recognizes the necessity for dancing and its implications on the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of one’s life, and we’ve ingrained these core values into our company’s mission.

On the surface, it’s obvious that dancing is a healthy activity to partake in. On top of its physical benefits, it also has substantial mental health benefits and is a great way to meet new people and form new relationships. Below is a list of concrete ways in which dancing promotes a healthier lifestyle.

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Increase Flexibility

For just about any type of dance, it’s critical to make sure you are well-stretched before diving in so as to not risk any injuries. On top of stretching as a means of preparation, the more you dance in general will result in your body adapting to unfamiliar ways of moving. It is an enjoyable way to strengthen your core and improve your balance, and greater flexibility will ultimately aid in decreasing pain in your joints and relieve muscle soreness after exercising.

Burn Fat and Increase Metabolism

Dancing involves a good amount of movement and, therefore, is a great means of exercise. Ballroom dancing, for example, is a low-impact aerobic activity that can burn roughly 200-400 calories in just half an hour. It can also lead to an increased metabolism, making it an effective (and fun) way to work out and stay fit!

Gain Endurance and Muscle Strength

Dancing requires one’s muscles to resist against their own body weight, naturally resulting in an increase in muscle gain. In order to participate in dancing, it is important to learn the proper steps and, by doing so, your body conditions itself to work against fatigue; it gives you the ability to increase your endurance so that you can function for longer without getting tired as easily—all the while toning your muscles.

Stress Reduction/Improved Mental Health and Well-Being

Exercising in general is a wonderful way to release endorphins and lift your spirits, and dancing is no stranger to this. It’s good to get active regularly for both your physical and mental well-being. Dancing is not only a great physical activity that can brighten your mood, but it is also super fun and rewarding and, therefore, can further reduce stress from pure enjoyment if nothing else.

Start Dancing Today!

Dance can be utilized for a range of reasons; though it is commonly used as a social outlet, it is good to keep all of its benefits in mind. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer a range of dance classes for you to learn more about and enjoy. Make sure to check out all of our offered lessons and, should you desire to take the leap, we encourage you to reach out!

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