Plainfield, IN Dance Instruction

Research has taught us that ballroom dancing can improve concentration, memory, and alertness. It’s a fun way to get fit, and it’ll work wonders on your stress levels. If you are considering taking dance lessons in Plainfield, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers several options. To get started, you will need to choose the style of dance that fits your tastes.

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Ballroom Dancing

One of the most popular types of dance we teach is ballroom dancing. In fact, Fred Astaire has built our reputation on teaching couples how to dance in a ballroom setting. Ballroom dancing competitions have grown in popularity throughout America, and today, people continue to enjoy this art.

You can learn two types of ballroom dance at our Plainfield-area studio: American Style and International Style.

American Style Ballroom Dance

American Style ballroom dancing is based on many styles of music, including Salsa, West Coast Swing, and Mambo. It includes both smooth and rhythm styles. American Style ballroom dance allows the dance partners to have exhibition, or solo, work, which gives it more freedom. Often, hobby dancers start with the American Style as a hobby, then fall in love with dance and go on to learn it at a higher level of proficiency.

International Style

In International Style, the dancers must stay in contact throughout the dance. This style does not allow for any exhibition work. This style of dance originated in England in the 1800s and spread across the globe through the music of the Strausses.

Online Dance Lessons

If you aren’t ready to take lessons in person but want to enjoy learning new dance styles or improving your dance abilities, consider online dance lessons through our Plainfield studio. You can dance in the comfort of your own home while enjoying the high-quality dance instruction that comes from Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Wedding Dance Lessons in Plainfield

You never forget your first wedding dance, so we’ll make sure your routine is worth remembering. Every couple is different, so we offer plenty of flexibility. Some want a spectacular routine that’s impressive enough to go viral. Others are looking for a simpler, less intimidating way to remember their wedding party. Whatever your preference, we’ll make sure this part of your day is truly memorable. We offer private and group classes as well as practice parties. Our trophy system provides an organized way to progress from beginner to pro. Our Bronze Trophy Program prepares students for a huge range of styles, partners, and floor sizes, while our Gold and Silver Programs streamline your skills.

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Online Dance Classes Plainfield, IN

Dance can find joy in even the harshest of conditions. It soothes anxiety, keeps you healthy, and adds meaning to your life. During times like this, everyone needs an extra dose of joy, so now you can work with Fred Astaire Dance Studios online. Our online program gives you access to a comprehensive library of video lessons. Let our certified instructors bring the Fred Astaire magic straight into your living room. Unsure? Then we’ll give you free 30-day access.

Get Dancing With Fred Astaire Dance Studios

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we think dancers should have the freedom to choose from a range of styles, so we teach both International and American ballroom styles. We believe that dancing deserves a nonjudgmental atmosphere, so our classes are always full of vibrancy and joy. Try our private or group lessons for a faster, more joyful learning structure.

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