Kimberly Scola: Argentine Tango Guest Teacher

Kimberly Scola has been dancing and DJing in her hometown of Cleveland for several years. She received her instructor training in none other than Cleveland Tango School. She has traveled as nearby as Pittsburgh and as far away as Buenos Aires to dance Argentine Tango and DJ. She has studied with many international instructors from all over the US and Argentina. Some names including, but not limited to, Richard Council, Oscar Casa, Homer & Christina, & Anna Leon– to name a few.  She regularly takes classes as a leader, a follower, instructor, and continually studies her craft.Kim teaches in a familiar style, picking up her ways from her schooling at Cleveland Tango by focusing first on technique and connection. Kim believes that this way, for students and teachers alike, they can figure out easily what’s not working, and how to fix it.

“Being a professional Spanish teacher, I am very experienced in explaining concepts and staying at the pace of my students. I like to laugh, and my classes are usually very laid back and fun, but also very efficiently cover material that will help bring beginners onto the dance floor quickly.”