CCDC 2018 Is In Our Backyard and You Can’t Miss It!

We are thrilled Fred Astaire’s National Cross Country Dance Championship is returning to downtown Houston, TX and the beautiful Marriott Marquis Houston, for the first national dance competition of 2018!

There’s simply no better place to hold a Texas-sized, Texas-themed dance competition than Texas – as we know of course – with its unbridled hospitality and area attractions that will thrill and excite! CCDC 2018’s theme is “Diamonds & Denim”, and the event will feature five days & nights of spectacular dancing, an exciting Pro Finale, and a show-stopping Gala Dinner celebration.

We are especially looking forward to Saturdays banquet dinner and encourage anyone whos interested, to speak to an instructor about how you can attend! Get a taste of the glitz and glamor of ballroom dancing!!

#10 Saturday Evening Session, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM: 

Cocktail Party
General Dancing
Awards Presentations

Good luck to all Amature and Pro Competitors!

Our next taste of competitions comes May 5th for our Regional SpotlightMany of our new students soon find that they want more out of ballroom dancing than just a hobby. They begin to really challenge themselves as they work more consistently and passionately on their lessons. Talk to your instructor about all of our upcoming regional and national events and how you can take part!