Magui Hinojosa – Dance Instructor

With more than 15 years of experience as a professional Ballroom dancer, Magui Hinojosa (Quito, Ecuador) has participated in competitions in her home country and also internationally. In 2011, she became the second best Ballroom couple in South America, category “Latin dances”, at the WDSF OPEN in Argentina. Magui founded in 2015 “Battuta Estudio de Baile”, a dance studio in Quito with the idea of sharing what she learned in the world of dance. As director and with the enthusiasm that characterizes her, she contributed knowledge and the same joy she feels with all the people who love this wonderful art.In other professional areas, Magui participated in a dance reality TV show called “Bailamos”, similar to “Dancing with the Stars” but in Ecuador. Furthermore, she was the host of several TV programs, among them: “Nómadas Ecuador”, “Nómadas Sudamérica” and “Rutas de la Libertad”. Apart from that, she is a producer of events, commercials and TV. In order to expand her professional development and share her experience in other parts of the continent, this 2021 she decided to continue growing in her life and so she traveled to the USA, to join the franchise “Fred Astaire Dance Studio”
Her life motto is “nothing like the adventure of life expressed through dance”.