Tyler Saccoman – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Originally from Minnesota, Tyler started his dance career in high school, getting involved in the Theater and Dance programs. His passion for theater and dance soon grew beyond his high school, and he pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Theater Production with a minor in dance from the University of Wisconsin. Upon completing his degree, Tyler made the trek out to LA to try his hand at showbusiness! After spending a year living in THE heart of Hollywood, Tyler decided to listen to HIS heart and make another trek to Phoenix, where he found Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Performing has always been Tyler’s biggest passion, taking every chance he has to hone and better his skills, and transferring that passion and desire along to his students. When he’s not dancing, Tyler can be seen breaking a sweat at the gym, or sitting poolside soaking up the AZ. sun (he’s from Minnesota, remember?)