Mason Navarrette – Certified Fred Astaire Dance Instructor

Mr. Mason is the prime example of a dancer who started late in life, and still accomplished greatness. Being introduced to Hip Hop dance at the age of 17, Mr. Mason quickly fell in love and devoted all his energy to becoming the best he could be. After becoming a member of the Mesa Community College Dance Company, he received a scholarship for intense training at the Tempe Dance Academy. There, he expanded his knowledge in forms of traditional dance like Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary. His quick advancement led him to dancing for numerous dance companies around the valley (Camalo Dance Company, Elements Dance Crew, and his own, B4L Crew, just to name a few) and led to a spot on the WNBAʼs Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad!

Finding his way to ballroom dance, Mr. Mason started teaching for Fred Astaire Dance Studios at the age of 25, where he was quickly recognized as a very versatile performer. His students enjoy the fusion of style that his knowledge and experience bring, and they are always excited about the next possibility!