Are You Ready To Burn This Disco Out?!

Disco exploded when John Travolta showed those flashy moves on the big screen in “Saturday Night Fever” back in 1977.

Well, what’s old is new again. Disco was such an energetic, sexy style of dancing that we want to take you back to its peak days of popularity.

Do we have a time machine? Uh, no. But we do have a Friday Night Fever Party in collaboration with Chatterbox on Friday, Jan, 19 at 8 p.m. Check your closet for those platform heels and Nik Nik shirts. Time to take over that dance floor and turn the beat around!

Join us for this disco party hosted by Fred Astaire Long Grove in collaboration with Chatterbox of Long Grove. Food, drinks, dancing, and a small show are only part of what will be a great evening that brings back memories and creates new ones.

What should you wear? Your best disco outfit, dance outfit, or anything you feel comfortable dancing the night away in! You won’t be able to resist the music! Remember the Bump? The Hustle? Let’s do ‘em.

Disco continues to evolve. Once it was part of the underground clubs, and then it went mainstream. One thing’s for sure – it didn’t go away! Disco includes line dances, partner dances and melds all styles that can’t help but get you out on the dance floor.

Admission is free. Adjusted for inflation from 1978 … hey, it’s still free.

So come and dance with us. Enjoy a taste of a fun era, sample Chatterbox’s fine food and drink offerings and party with your Fred Astaire Dance Studio friends and family.