Research Shows Why Ballroom Dance Lessons Make the Perfect Gift

Miss the Mall; Choose the Cha-Cha
Research backs up the belief that more and more people are recognizing that experiential gifts benefit not only the receiver but the giver as well. Researchers at San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. And can you really put a price on NOT having to fight the crowds at a mall? Giving the gift of dance from Fred Astaire Dance Studios is not only a wonderful and unique gift idea, it’s also a stress reliever for you.

A “Like-Worthy” Gift
More and more, people are putting a higher value on experiences over “things” and it’s really showing strongly with millennials. A study by Harris Group found that this generation prefers experiences over material things. The same study found that social media factors in the shift. Millennials love sharing photos of their experiences on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. There’s nothing more “like” worthy than a picture of your loved one learning to do the tango at their local Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

More Memories, Less Waste
Research shows that more and more people are looking for ways to declutter and downsize their lives. The gift that you spent hours searching for and wrapping so beautifully may be appreciated, but it could also go against the receiver’s efforts to simplify. A gift certificate from Fred Astaire Dance Studios is not only a unique gift, it also doesn’t take up much space!

The Gift that Keeps Giving
Consider some of the other unique benefits of the gift of dance for a moment. Not only will it be a learning experience, it’s also a social opportunity. Your gift may be just the thing that opens up a whole new world of friendships for someone. And who would turn down an opportunity to have a little fun with their fitness? Dancing is not only great exercise, it’s also a wonderful stress reliever.

A Unique Christmas Gift
Material things can come and go, but memories become a part of you. They are a gift to last a lifetime. Our Fred Astaire Dance Studio makes it easy for you to give such a memorable gift this Christmas. No crowds, no hassle, and no regrets. Your unique gift will bring happiness to you and your loved one.