Val – Dance Instructor

Hello, my name is Valentine, and I come from the charming Ukrainian city of Ternopil. I started my journey in ballroom dancing at the tender age of 4 and have been passionate about it ever since. Now at 28, I continue to pursue my love for dance along with my interests in electronic dance music and playing the guitar.
In addition to my creative pursuits, I find joy in attending house music festivals and exploring the vibrant music scene. Traveling across the USA has further enriched my experiences and broadened my horizons.
One of my greatest passions is inspiring others to achieve better physical, emotional, social, and mental health. I am dedicated to helping individuals grow and thrive in all aspects of their lives. As an avid learner, I constantly seek opportunities for personal development and growth.
In my leisure time, you can find me engrossed in detective TV shows or savoring delicious Italian cuisine. I believe that life is a beautiful journey filled with endless possibilities, and I am excited to continue exploring, learning, and making a positive impact on those around me.