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She’s One In a Billion

Sixteen year-old FADS Coral Gables, FL, Student Giovanna “Govi” Maser was born deaf due to an extremely rare genetic condition. Through modern medical technology, Govi can now hear all the music she loves dancing to!

Ballroom dance lessons were a gift to Govi from her mother on her 14th birthday, but it took over a year for them to actually come into the studio. We don’t know who was more terrified, Govi or her mother! A year later, they finally ventured in to our studio – and what a wonderful experience it has been for both of them, and for us, too!

What makes our young dance Student so special? Govi was born deaf and with developmental delays that impact focus and communication. Her sister, Adriana (18 years old), was born with….Click here 

Deco’s Lynn Martinez dances for charity

April 10, 2017 | 7 News Miami

(WSVN) – So, as you know Lynn’s been taking dance lessons for a hot minute. She told everyone she was getting ready for a competition but it’s really for charity. This Saturday night was the ‘event.’ The night she said she hoped would never come… came.

And now the big reveal!

No no, wait.

Let’s go back.

Lynn Martinez: “I’ve never in my life taken a dancing lesson.”

I had nine weeks to learn how to tango.

Lynn Martinez: “[Bleep!]! Eh eh eh!”

My extraordinarily patient teacher Vladimir, at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Coral Gables — taught me everything.

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, sorry!”

Yes. It was hard.

Vladimir Kosarev: “Turn. Hold, knees together!”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, shoot!”

All of this is to raise money for the American Cancer Society. My fan club there for support.

Supporter: “I think you’re gonna tear it up.”

Jeff Lennox: “Are you ready? She’s ready.”


Seven different couples perform.

Each couple has one pro from Fred Astaire Dance Studios – and one amateur.

Now I put my tango face on… it hides the fear.

Vladimir’s strong.

So far so good… I haven’t fainted yet.

Now the final lift.

Ta da!

Remember when this was me?

Vladimir Kosarev: “Turn… and lift…”

Lynn Martinez: “AHHHH!””

In the end we raised nearly a million dollars — and I found a new love: the tango.

Lynn learns to tango for an American Cancer Society gala

MARCH 15, 2017 | 7 News Miami

Lynn, you’ve long been an amazing anchor and awesome human being. Now we hear you’re adding a new line to your resume. That’s right, dancing queen!

Somehow she’s made it all the way to her… late 20s and never learned how to dance. But that’s all about to change.

Lynn Martinez: “Oh my God, I love this song!”

Ooohh, I got a lot to learn from the pros, at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables.

Lynn Martinez: “So this is my partner, Vladamir.”

Vlad and I will dance together at the upcoming American Cancer Society gala. I’m freaked.

Lynn Martinez: “Can I learn anything in eight weeks?”

Vladamir Kosarev: “Absolutely.”

First, I’m given my orders.

Vladamir Kosarev: “The thing is, I want you just to listen to me.”

Vlad says the main thing I need to do is learn to follow him.

Follow “him.”

Lynn Martinez: “So, I follow you, right?”

Vladamir Kosarev: “Yes.”

Just checking.

Vladamir Kosarev: “You used the word competition already two times. That’s telling me you’re really competitive.”

Our dance is the Argentinean tango.

Vladamir Kosarev: “So, basically, I have control of your body placement all the time.”

Lynn Martinez: “I’m gonna need some stilettos.”

What I really need is to learn something called the basic step.

Vladamir Kosarev: “In Argetine tango, it’s eight steps in basic one, two, three, four, five, foot cross, six, seven, eight.”

Who, what??

Vladamir Kosarev: “To make sure you’re on the right foot, you have to shift weight twice.”

There’s a lot of this…

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, what am I doing?”


Lynn Martinez: “[Expletive] Eh eh eh!”

Let’s do that again.

Vladamir Kosarev: “And, walk, walk, walk, walk, cross, back and now we’re talkin’! Woooh.”


Vladamir Kosarev: “Bam, bam, bam, bam.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, sorry!”

He didn’t need that toe.

Vladamir Kosarev: “And, up. OK!”

Lynn Martinez: “I’m sweating.”

Next, I learn some swivel step.

Vladamir Kosarev: “Step forward and swivel forward and swivel and then back.”

Put those two steps together…

Vladamir Kosarev: “And one, two, three, four, back, side, close. Ta da!”

Vladamir Kosarev: “How did that feel?”

Lynn Martinez: “It was fun!

Vladamir Kosarev: “See, not that difficult.”

Until I learn the rest…

You can watch Lynn dance at the American Cancer Society gala at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami on April 8.

Deco’s Lynn Martinez dances the tango for cancer

MARCH 29, 2017 | 7 News Miami

Six places to meet singles in Miami that aren’t a nightclub

Wednesday February 22 2017, 12:45pm | By Virginia Gil | Time Out Miami

Finding yourself suddenly single (or forever alone) in a big city like Miami can be scary, especially when you consider that most opportunities to meet new people revolve around South Beach clubs and parties. In fact, when Time Out polled people from around the world for its City Index survey it found that Miamians (along with New Yorkers and Angelenos) are the least happy with their city’s dating scene. Has looking for love in the Magic City left you feeling desperate? Perhaps you need a different approach to meeting other singles: Miami meetups, networking events and free gatherings that don’t require bottle service, loud music or the use of a dating app to meet new prospects.

Fancy Footwork

On the third Wednesday of each month, Fred Astaire Studio instructors lead a free dance class at Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables, which is open to couples and singles. Show up solo to be paired up with a stranger and prepare to spend the next two hours learning how to salsa (or samba or merengue, as class themes change each month) and getting to know each other. The hotel bar also offers some sort of drink special after each lesson, which will give you the perfect excuse to stick around and chat it up longer. The first class takes place tonight at 7pm but future times will vary.

Read the full story here. 

Coral Gables News read at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

7’s Martinez warms up dancing shoes ahead of gala fundraiser

JANUARY 26, 2017 | 7 News Miami 

CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) – A member of 7’s family is dancing her way toward raising cancer awareness, but first it’s time for a practice run.

7News anchor and Deco Drive host Lynn Martinez joined other participants of an upcoming dance competition at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables, Wednesday night.

The competition will form part of “One More Time, Dancing for a Cause,” a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society set to take place at the JW Marriott in Brickell, April 8.

Six of the dancers, including Martinez, met their partners for the first time and gave attendees a taste of what’s to come. View the full story here.

Coral Gables News read at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

By: Bill Kress |

Community Newspaper - Coral Gables - Fred Astaire - American Cancer

Committee members, sponsors, and community leaders will gather to raise awareness and get everyone excited for the 2017 “One More Time, Dancing for a Cause” Gala. A wine and spirits auction will also take place were local celebrities and leaders have donated a signed bottle of their choice to raise funds for our organization and mission.

This event is the opening celebration leading up to the actual 2017 Gala itself, which takes place April 8 at the JW Marriott Marquis. Chairpersons for this year’s gala fundraiser are Ana Ortega and Ana Mari Ortega; with Co-Chairs Vivian Williams and Amy Licea Pepe; and Honorary Chair Pepe Freixas. READ MORE….

Wine Auction Cancer Society

Estrellas de la tele compiten bailando y se recauda más de un millón de dólares

ABRIL 28, 2016 9:59 AM | DAISY OLIVERA | El Nuevo Herald

8 Gala del American Cancer SocietyEl tema de la gala anual del American Cancer Society -presentada por The Miami Cancer Institute/Baptist Health South Florida- se tituló Dancing for a Cause (Bailar por una causa). Y resultó ser una de las ideas más divertidas y originales que se ha llevado a cabo en un evento como este. Los copresidentes, Pepe Freixas, Ana Ortega y su hija Ana Mari Ortega, reunieron más de 800 líderes del mundo de la medicina, los negocios y la sociedad para esta elegante y movida velada en el hotel JW Marriott Marquis. Lilliam y Gus Machado, reconocidos por su espíritu filantrópico, dedicación a la comunidad e incansable lucha para combatir el cáncer, fueron honrados como la Power Couple. Por su parte, Christina y David Martin resplandecieron como presidentes honorarios.

La genial idea de esta competencia de baile se le ocurrió al Comité de la Gala, el cual retó a varias personalidades de nuestra comunidad a que bailaran estilo ballroom o salón de baile para recaudar fondos. Ana Ortega llevó la delantera, porque ya ella ha competido en otras ocasiones, pero aplaudamos también a aquellas celebridades que han triunfado en muchos otros aspectos de la vida, pero en lo de concursar bailando resultaba su primera experiencia.

La competencia incluyó a populares estrellas de television como Pamela Silva Conde, del programa Primer Impacto; Alina Mayo Azze, presentadora de Noticias 23; y William Valdés, del programa Despierta América, todos ellos de la cadena Univision. Pepe Freixas abrió el concurso demostrando su talento natural, bailando mambo al ritmo del reggaeton Hasta que se seque el malecón. Pamela y Alina revelaronn que no solo brillan delante de las cámaras y William exhibió su sabor musical ¡bailando samba! Luego supimos que muchos de ellos llevaban meses ensayando con bailarines profesionales que son profesores del Fred Astaire Dance Studio de Coral Gables. ¡El público quedó encantado!

El presentador Eugene Ramirez, del Canal 8 de Tampa de la cadena NBC y muy conocido por sus años en las noticias en Miami, por tercera vez se lució como maestro de ceremonias. Y en lo que describiríamos como un ‘atraco a mano armada’, pero con un micrófono, caminó entre las mesas recabando las donaciones en vivo y al instante. ¿Cuánto recaudó? ¡La increíble cantidad de $225,000!, que se sumó a lo ya colectado. Se disfrutó de una exquisita cena y después, por supuesto, ¡se bailó hasta altas horas de la noche!

Read more here:

Dancing at Fred Astaire Studios

APRIL 13, 2016 | 7 News Miami

10324574_gIf you’re asking Lynn to dance, just know that she’s going to lead. She visited what some say is the last place on earth — where the man is in charge… and she kinda had a hard time with that.

Most everyone thinks they can dance… that’s not dancing…

I’m learning the Rumba.

At the award winning Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables, they say they can teach anyone to dance.

Vladamir Kosarev: “Now you put your right leg back…”

Lynn Martinez: “I’m dyslexic.”

Vladamir Kosarev: “And we go one, two, one, two — that’s the rocking action.”

What do I do again?

Vladamir Kosarev: “So we go side together.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh wait.”

Vladamir Kosarev: “It would be nice if you listened to me.”

Lynn Martinez: “OK, I’m trying.”

Vladamir Kosarev: “Follow my voice. Side together back, then side together back.”

Lynn Martinez: “Did you just yell at me?”

Vladamir Kosarev: “Did you like it?”

Lynn Martinez: “Yes… no I didn’t.”

After listening to my partner — I start to get this side “zogether” thing.

Vladamir Kosarev: “Side, together back, side together forward. Side together and boom.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh my God!”

Vera Kosarev: “We not only teach dance but we really want to make sure people get more out of it.”

Owners Vera and Vladamir are getting everyone ready for the upcoming American Cancer Society’s Dancing for a Cause Gala. Ana, the chair of the event, started dancing at Fred Astaire three years ago after she recovered from cancer.

Lynn Martinez: “What have they taught you here?”

Ana Ortega: “Mainly self-confidence.”

Lynn Martinez: “So, you’re shy but you’re gonna dance in front of 800 people in front of the gala? How are you gonna handle that?”

Ana Ortega: “I don’t know.”

Regardless of talent, Vera and Vlad say dancing improves relationships and sex.

Vera Kosarev: “Definitely couples they’ve told us we’ve saved their marriage for sure, so it forces them to touch the whole lesson.”

Lynn Martinez: “Even if they’re not good?”

Vera Kosarev: “You don’t realize, I’m serious, even just little things, like holding hands, that we don’t really think about, we do it all day but it’s important.”

Lynn Martinez: “Has dancing improved your sex life?”

Vladamir Kosarev: “I’m not sure you can improve our sex life.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh my God!”

Wow — then let’s keep dancing! Salsa’s all in the hips, Vlad says.

I’m sweating… now the waltz.

Vladamir Kosarev: “Well, we have a control freak here.”


Now to the pros… whoosh… I’ll have what they’re having.

The American Cancer Society’s annual gala is this Saturday at the JW Marriott Marquis on Biscayne Boulevard. View the story here.

Miami Times Names Fred Astaire Dance Studio Of Coral Gables “The Five Best Studios in Miami”


New Times Names Fred Astaire of Coral Gables one of Best 5 Studios in MiamiThere’s nothing more classic than ballroom dancing, and Fred Astaire offers lessons for dancers at all stages. Its introductory program shows new dancers different dances for them to discover what they might be interested in learning.

The next stage is the beginner program, which teaches dancers — both solo and pairs — the basic elements of dance, including the different tempos of music and the confidence that makes a comfortable dancer.

This stage is followed by the social foundation, which takes the lessons a step further with a chance for individuals to design a program with their instructor that fits their lifestyle and dancing desires.

The final programs are the bronze, silver, and gold programs, which is a trophy system allowing skilled dancers to perform in ballroom dances with more intricate moves.

Fred Astaire teaches both international and american styles of dance, including the waltz, tango, foxtrot, viennese waltz, cha-cha, rumba, swing, bolero, mambo, salsa, and samba!


Coral Gables’ Giralda Under the Stars to offer outdoor dining for Valentine’s Day

JANUARY 23, 2015 1:17 PM | BY MONIQUE O. MADAN | Miami Herald

More than a dozen restaurants on Giralda Avenue’s “Restaurant Row” in downtown Coral Gables will again offer dining under the stars on Feb. 6 from 7 p.m. to midnight.

The festivities happen every first Friday of the month through March. During Giralda Under The Stars, the avenue is closed to traffic so that restaurants and bars can fill Giralda with tables and chairs.

February in Coral Gables is “Romance Month” and next month’s theme is romance.

On Feb. 6 from 7 p.m. to midnight, there will be performances by Alma de Tango and members of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

“[They will] bring “dances of love” to the streets, while attendees dine at one of the 14 delicious restaurants and enjoy the beautiful weather,” spokeswoman Denise Galvez said.

Roses will be distributed to couples dining, as well as chocolate samples from Peterbrook Chocolatier.

Participating restaurants this year include: Castelluccio, Divino Ceviche, Ikura Sushi Lounge, La Dorada, Miss Saigon Bistro, Pete’s Authentic Cooking, Spritz of Coral Gables, Talavera, The Bar, The Local Craft Food & Drink, and newcomers Vicolo Italian Kitchen, GreenLife Miami, and Threefold Café.

Most restaurant menus are available online and reservations are recommended. Participants can park in the municipal parking garages and there will also be valet stations at each end of the street. No tickets are required to attend the event.

And for those who need someone to take care of their kids and enjoy a night on the town? Gallery Night Kids’ Club at the Gables Museum has it covered.

“Kids ages 5 to 12 can enjoy arts and crafts, storytelling, games and more just a block away from the event! The cost is $25 for Museum Members and $30 for members,” Galvez said.

Those interested are required to register by calling 305-603-8067.

Read more here:

CEO Work Day With Mark Trowbridge

Miami Empresrial Celebrates opening

10 South Florida Teambuilding Activities for Corporate Groups

October 4, 2011, 9:40 AM EDT | By Jana Schiowitz | BIZBASH

MIAMI/SOUTH FLORIDA Looking to get a corporate group out of the office and interacting? Here are 10 new group activities for that can work for teambuilding, meeting breaks, incentives, and other kinds of corporate outings in Miami and South Florida.

10. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables opened last month and provides private classes for groups for $10 to $15 per person for a 45-minute session. In the first few lessons, the dance staff introduces several of the most popular dances, from the fox trot to salsa, and everything in between, like the waltz, tango, swing, hustle, cha-cha, and merengue. The group can continue taking courses for multiple sessions, narrowing in on one type of dance style.

Read the full list here.