Does Dance Have More Benefits Than The Gym?


Dance is one great way to get in shape and stay in shape. It provides a vigorous cardio workout and, combined with stretching, helps make a body whole and also easier on the scale.

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Here are three reasons why dance is better than a gym membership:

  • Dance lessons put less stress on your body – ankles, knees – as a low-impact series of exercises. People with bone-related issues or ailments who might not attempt resistance work can build muscle tone, strength, coordination and improve their balance.
  • Cardio training becomes fun. Ever ride the bike at the gym or climb on the stepper for 20 minutes or so? It may be effective but it works the same muscles in the same way over and over and … it’s boring. Dance is never boring! Moves are varied, never repetitive. If you’ve taken part in up-tempo activities like Fred Astaire Dance Dance Studios salsa classes, you know the drill. It’s fast, furious, fun and never the “same old, same old”.
  • Social interaction becomes an added benefit. You’re not working out on your own to the blaring music in the gym – you are dancing with an instructor or partner so that your dance routine will vary, speed up or slow down, and become a cooperative exercise. This teamwork is very healthy mentally and emotionally. The interaction and flow of steps and movement will keep you engaged, stave off fatigue and allow you to build your conditioning, agility and flexibility while toning those muscles.

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  2 Private Dance Lessons for ONLY $39