Borys Kocharov – Dance Instructor

Borys is  a professional dancer and ballroom dance coach. His journey in the world of choreography began 16 years ago in Ukraine. The swift movement of his dance soul has led him to the peaks – proudly holding the title of European champion and finalist in the World Championship.

With every movement of my body, he unfold a story of passion and expression, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. Numerous victories in Ukraine, European tournaments, and high achievements not only speak of talent but also of an insatiable pursuit of perfection in the world of dance.

He is not just a dancer; He is also an inspiring coach, making the first steps into the world of ballroom dancing unforgettable. The passion for imparting knowledge and love for dance transforms him into a true mentor.

With a professional approach and harmony in teaching, he helps his students uncover their dance potential. Time and again, he proves that dance is not only about movements but also about interacting with music, the art of expressing emotions, and creating a unique moment on the dance floor.