Coaching Lessons with Silvio Grand

We would like to welcome a special guest for coaching sessions, the World-Renowned Argentine Tango Specialist, Silvio Grand! Don’t miss your chance to dance – talk to your instructor for more details.

About Silvio:

  • Starred in musicals, “Dreams About Tango” and “Piazzolla Passion of Tango”
  • Dance Director representing Argentina at the “200 Years of Independence Festival” with Philharmonic Orchestra of Jaslico
  • Choreographer for the musical, “Piazzolla Tango en tus Ojos”
  • Dancer with the company of Juan Carlos Copes
  • Performer with the following orchestras: Color Tango, Beba Publiese, Orquesta Silencio, Camara Da Vinci, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra
  • Guest teacher at the following festivals:
    • Stockholm’s Tango Festival
    • Incontro Internazionale di Tango a Torino
    • Warsaw Tango Festival
    • Festival Internacional de Malaga
    • Riga’s Tango Festival
    • Oulu Winter Tango in Finland
    • White Nights Tango Festival in St. Petersburg